Monday, October 1, 2012

Full Moon Art - Jacaranda Moon

Joining with Peggy of Woman with Wings again creating full moon art with the cycles of the moon.

At this time of the year the first blue mauve fuzz starts to appear on the jacaranda tree, while at the same time, as some of the old leaves are still dropping, the new blossoms are also falling, carpeting the grass underneath with pretty splotches.   A plainer moon than I usually do, my plan was to embroider tiny blossoms around the moon, but as I didn't have any of the right colour in my thread arsenal, instead it's scattered with the real thing.

I used this vintage quilt block as a background, since the sky has been dark with rain clouds for days, and all I could see of the moon was a pale, pale glow, just a hint there was anything there.

It's impossible to capture the colour of the emerging blossoms against the grey sky, but the branches make great patterns and have a beauty all their own.

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