Sunday, March 29, 2015

Scrappy March

Joining Angela at  superscrappy  and all the other RSC players again for the rainbow scrap challenge.  

Our colour for March is yellow and this is the last Scrappy Weekend for the month.

I made a wonky star right at the beginning of the month, but then my camera declined to work, so this is the first chance I've had to post some yellow.  I also made 4 yellow string blocks.   And as there's still a few days until the end of the month, I might get a chance to use up some more scraps.

Wonky star and string blocks

3 stars so far
I decided the yellow strings needed company, so made some pink and blue as well.

These aren't joined yet, I might want to make some in-between shades ...... blue-green, yellow-orange link them together later when the challenge is finished.

Pop over to Angela's blog to see more yellow scrap projects.

It's been unseasonably hot and humid here, no cooling off yet for autumn, and too hot to do much in the garden or the sewing room, but I did pick a colander full of volunteer cherry tomatoes.

I cooked these up early one morning while it was still cool, and made some jars of tomato sauce, and then added eggplants, okra and zucchini to the remainder for a delicious ratatouille....all popped into the freezer for later.

And how's this for the cutest rainbow girl............the louvres in my kitchen have bevelled edges, and if the sun's in the right spot, they throw pretty rainbows through the house. Mirrhi just happened to be napping in the right spot.

'til next time ......

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photos retrieved

...... no new camera yet 

I've been looking though, reading reviews, asking others what they have, but haven't made a decision. I only want a compact, but most of the newer models have lots of bells and whistles I don't want, so the search will continue until I meet the right one.

In the meantime, I wanted to show the bunting/banner I made for Fran in Tasmania.  I showed a little peek of it here, but now that Fran's received it, I can show it all.

It's double sided, wool embroidery on hessian and is about 40cms long by 30 cm maybe....I didn't measure it before I sent the long tails and the bead dangly thingy.

Fran blogs at  about her busy, productive and mad hippie life on a farm in Tasmania, living sustainably and growing vegetables safely in The Sanctuary away from her rascally dogs.  This bunting and others sent from all over will soon be flapping happily there.  Go check her out and see what she has to say.

That's all for now.......

'til next time

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No photos

Yep, sadly my poor old Canon has been deemed a write-off

Image result for camera pictures
it's about as useful as this one now! 

Luckily the repairman was able to save my photos, but I won't be able to go and pick them up until the end of the week, when I'll also look at getting a new camera.  So nothing current to show, although there has been plenty going on around here.......sewing, knitting and gardening,  a day spent at a Fermenting Festival....more about that another time........ and meetings, discussions and plans about something BiG and exciting and a bit scary that will, I hope, be happening soon ......more on that too when things are a bit more definite. To anyone, I'm neither pregnant nor getting married!

So that you're time's not completely wasted coming here, I thought I'd share this cute and clever work I came across from Kirsten of Quernus Crafts in the UK.  I love anything 'tiny' and really enjoy this wonderfully talented artist's  'wee creatures' made from polymer clay.  Kirsten now has them trying their hands at knitting, just the thing.

Go check out her work, it'll make you smile.

'til next time

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday night

She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but.......
this little darling can create a lot of havoc.  She was leading the dog on a merry chase through the house, leaping off chairs, over cupboards, and across tabletops when in her mad dash, she knocked my camera to the floor, the lense popped out and is now jammed.  This is the second time it's hit the ground with a thud in recent days, so it might not recover......fingers crossed it'll be ok.  But until I can get it seen to, there'll be no linking with pictures to Peg of my OPAM finish for February, or Anthea for Piece Yourself Together to show my few hexies I made (first hexies!), or Angela for Scraphappy Saturday with my pink blocks, as all those pictures are on the camera still.

I put the borders on Walter's quilt last week sometime, and I've since sandwiched and basted it, and most of the quilting is now done. I'm pleased with it this far. The colours are not quite true, the yellow is not as bright as this.  I'm still deciding on binding, maybe a blue....any suggestions?

Time to do a bit more quilting before bed......

'til next time