Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No photos

Yep, sadly my poor old Canon has been deemed a write-off

Image result for camera pictures
it's about as useful as this one now! 

Luckily the repairman was able to save my photos, but I won't be able to go and pick them up until the end of the week, when I'll also look at getting a new camera.  So nothing current to show, although there has been plenty going on around here.......sewing, knitting and gardening,  a day spent at a Fermenting Festival....more about that another time........ and meetings, discussions and plans about something BiG and exciting and a bit scary that will, I hope, be happening soon ......more on that too when things are a bit more definite. To anyone wondering........no, I'm neither pregnant nor getting married!

So that you're time's not completely wasted coming here, I thought I'd share this cute and clever work I came across from Kirsten of Quernus Crafts in the UK.  I love anything 'tiny' and really enjoy this wonderfully talented artist's  'wee creatures' made from polymer clay.  Kirsten now has them trying their hands at knitting, just the thing.

Go check out her work, it'll make you smile.

'til next time


  1. awww too cute!
    sorry to hear your camera died & good luck in choosing a new one
    thanx for sharing

  2. I love tiny things too. Just bought a couple of tee-tiny polymer clay houses made by June at ACreativeDreamer (Etsy). I have quite a collection of little dust catchers in my studio. :- )

    Hope you'll be able to replace the camera without delay.

  3. that's a bummer about the camera Nanette...
    my panasonic Lumix is a little beauty, I take it everywhere.
    I'm not sure if you're in the know about the difference between optical zoom & digital zoom - they produce very different results, so ask the sales person to explain to you.


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