Saturday, July 28, 2012

Introducing Mirrhi

Mirrhi is an Aboriginal word from Western Queensland meaning little girl.  Today is her first full day here, and her second night.  So far, we're all doing well.  She settled quickly and quietly last night, with no sound from her all night, waking about 6am, and waiting until she was outside to toilet.  She's taken well to her crate after some initial complaints, and now goes to it straight away to nap or play.  I have it in the kitchen, here next to my desk, so she can see me coming and going.  She's only locked in if I need to be away from her for any length of time and overnight; otherwise she can come and go as she pleases, but only in the kitchen or out to the deck so far.

It's been a busy day.......she's met the chickens and watched them for a little while, but made no attempt to chase, and soon went back to chewing her toys, and they soon forgot to be nervous around her and came up close to share an apple with me.  This evening the cats came out of hiding for a wary look-see....Mirrhi was out on the deck and unaware of them to start with, so the growling and hackle raising that went on seemed a bit wasted.  Molly had a sniff at her through the crate, which was very  brave of her, while Mirrhi cringed in the corner.

I'd forgotten how tiring small creatures are....the constant vigilance for signs that the toilet might be  needed, watching to see what's being chewed or eaten, and finding the balance between fun and discipline and being consistent, but I'm enjoying every minute, and she was great company this afternoon as I gardened and made sure the yard was puppy proof....she had quickly shown me where it wasn't!

We will both sleep well tonight I think.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

This girl is mine

........or she will be next week when she'll be big enough to leave her mum and siblings. 

She had been -running stumbling about playing, then the owner picked her up so I could take a photo, and she nodded off straight away.  I've had great fun thinking about names, discussing names, checking out other people's dog's names, it's quite time consuming.   I have a short list now, which could quite possibly change after I get to know her better.  I'd love to hear any suggestions for naming her.

It's all this little fellow's fault....I looked after him for a few days for my neighbours, he was such good fun and a wonderful companion, he reminded me how nice it is to have a dog around,  so I started to think seriously about getting one, and to look around.

Spencie from next door

A pile of girl has her back to the camera, that's her with the white splash on her tush. Mum is a blue heeler (Australian catle dog)/ kelpie cross and dad is a pedigree border collie)

Having volunteered with an animal rescue group, and owning 3 rescue cats, I know there are many dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages waiting for homes, beautiful dogs who are homeless for a variety of reasons and usually through no fault of theirs.  I did scour all the pet rescue sites, and could have gladly adopted all of them, especially the older dogs.  In the end,  I decided to look for a puppy, and a neighbour told me about this litter.  I think...hope...the cats will be more amenable to a creature smaller than themselves, one they can train and let know who is boss, I can train it to live alongside my chickens, and as the owner has chickens, this little one comes with some chicken experience already.  I also wanted a dog I could train to the way I want it to live with me, and that didn't come with any baggage other than puppiness.
And in case you think it's only been about puppy love around here, I finished this baby quilt for a friend's new granddaugher

and made a soft and cuddly knot doll to go with it...perfect for a new-born, it's all cotton, with an  organic wool-filled head for warmth and comfort, and knotted hands and hat just right for chewing on as she gets bigger.

And here's my full moon art for July, that I finished and forgot to postBecause I was in a weaving frame of mine after playing with my garden loom in the last post, I wove scraps of batik from a patchwork op-shop dress for the background, and various pieces of silk and glittery fabric for the moon.  I'll add more stitching 'one day'.

The weekend is coming, and hopefully bringing more sunshine with it after days of rain.  Enjoy yours whatever you do, rain or shine.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Moon made me do it

Early moon rise....just clearing the trees

A friend loaned me this book....thanks Lajla! You can see more of Tonya Ricucci's work on her blog

This full moon in Capricorn is about getting things done, well, I wanted to do words, so I put aside my moon stitching and have been stitching words's a bit addictive!  Nothing to show yet, they don't look like much until they're put together.

I'll have plenty of time to work on Full Moon Art today, and join in with Woman with Wings and others as they celebrate the moon, as it's my turn to sit in the Gallery and mind the shop.

Stay tuned.

Monday, July 2, 2012

In the garden -exploring, weaving, knitting

The weather's been sublime here, and apart from a few days of heavy rain, there's been warm bright sunshine and blue skies. Although I've had sewing to do,  it's just been too nice to be indoors, so I've been taking my knitting outside, letting the new girls out to explore and enjoyed the sunshine.

Spangly Lola

Busy Brenna ....she loves being out, and aggressively hunts worms and insects, from the ground and her nest mates.  I think she's going to be alpha  chicken.  She makes an amazing noise, somewhere between a honking goose and a mournful water fowl.

Speedy much to do and see.

Betty........likes to check it all out first.

They have all settled in well, there's the occasional outraged squark during the day, as the older two continue to attempt to stake their claim to the henhouse, but it's mostly darting and chasing, no vicious attacks.  Sadly, this little one, Hildie,  didn't make it, I found her very listless in the coop one morning when I let them out, and despite bringing her indoors and keeping her warm, and eye droppering food and water into her, she died shortly after.  I think the others might have suffocated her, they haven't quite got the hang of roosting yet, and would get off and huddle together in a pile.  Hildie was probably on the bottom. She was a dear little girl, and was the first one to venture out into the yard, then followed me around peeping happily, sounding like R2D2, all beeps and whistles.

Rest in peace, Hildie

I had this garden loom made a while back, and have been enjoying weaving cuttings and prunings from the garden into it.  I saw one in a Living Crafts magazine a while ago, and was really taken with it. Go here to see the website of the family that make them, they're from northern Maine, and have such a respect and enjoyment of their garden.

I love how I can watch the shadows and light on it, changing and moving, keeping me in touch and mindful of the passing day, and then the seasons.  The structure itself is symbolic of our human experience and is a quiet reminder of the inner qualities of this experience and harmonising the whole.  The top beam represents the creator, or creative power, the vertical posts : 2 states of experience - being and doing; the angled pieces represent balanced communication: listening and talking; and the two horizontal weaving beams are for feeling...the lower one, close to the earth for grounding...and the higher...the head for thinking.

At dusk

Moon rise.
I love too that it's all made from left over timbers from when I had the back of the house renovated.  Those upright posts are the old stair supports, from when the house was built over 90 years ago, and now have a new lease of life watching over my garden. 

As we move into Spring, I'll start weaving wool, roving, and fabric scraps for the birds to take for their nests.  They already like to perch up on it, and there's often little groups sitting happily up there.  For now, I've planted some bulbs under it, and will plant flowers and herbs seasonally under and around it.  It makes me very happy.

....and the knitting? This week is NAIDOC Week , celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples and I've been knitting beanies in the indigenous colours, of black, red and yellow.  These will be given to the children who attend the local Women's Service Indigenous playgroup and after school activities, a very new venture for the area.  I've made 12, and have one on the needles, nearly finished, and since I didn't decide until midway through June that I'd take on this project, I'm rather pleased and relieved they're all done, and ready to hand out on Wednesday.  They range in size from one for a new baby, up to 12 year olds.   

I'm back out to enjoy the winter sunshine, finish that last beanie and do some stitching for Full Moon Art with Woman with Wings.

Enjoy your week.