Saturday, July 28, 2012

Introducing Mirrhi

Mirrhi is an Aboriginal word from Western Queensland meaning little girl.  Today is her first full day here, and her second night.  So far, we're all doing well.  She settled quickly and quietly last night, with no sound from her all night, waking about 6am, and waiting until she was outside to toilet.  She's taken well to her crate after some initial complaints, and now goes to it straight away to nap or play.  I have it in the kitchen, here next to my desk, so she can see me coming and going.  She's only locked in if I need to be away from her for any length of time and overnight; otherwise she can come and go as she pleases, but only in the kitchen or out to the deck so far.

It's been a busy day.......she's met the chickens and watched them for a little while, but made no attempt to chase, and soon went back to chewing her toys, and they soon forgot to be nervous around her and came up close to share an apple with me.  This evening the cats came out of hiding for a wary look-see....Mirrhi was out on the deck and unaware of them to start with, so the growling and hackle raising that went on seemed a bit wasted.  Molly had a sniff at her through the crate, which was very  brave of her, while Mirrhi cringed in the corner.

I'd forgotten how tiring small creatures are....the constant vigilance for signs that the toilet might be  needed, watching to see what's being chewed or eaten, and finding the balance between fun and discipline and being consistent, but I'm enjoying every minute, and she was great company this afternoon as I gardened and made sure the yard was puppy proof....she had quickly shown me where it wasn't!

We will both sleep well tonight I think.


  1. what a great name, glad shes settling in.

  2. OOh she is cute! Love her collar!!!
    The crate is a good thing aye. Glad all is going well. I thought of you both as Stella and I were doing the morning go weeeees
    Love Leanne

  3. Hi Angela, thanks, it's going well so far.

  4. Thanks Leanne, cute she is! She waited until 6.30 this morning before wanting to go out...hurray, it was frosty and cold out there. The pink collar's a bit naff, but there's not a lot of choice in colours in small soft ones. When she's bigger I'll get her a black studded one lol

  5. There's nothing like a dog, even a baby one - so very trusting.

  6. Mirrhi is adorable, what a wonderful name.
    I'm reading your past posts and love your July moon. Wonderful!

  7. Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting, I'm pretty smitten with Mirrhi. My full moons seem to be going through a change, first ones were small and plain, now big and bright....hmm? I'm nearly ready to post August's.

  8. I love her and I love reading about her first encounters and what you and she are doing together. She sounds like she's doing so well, these first days away from momma can't be easy. Looking forward to seeing your moon. xoxo


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