Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moon worship

The full moon of a few days ago saw me celebrate with Mirrhi, the new little being who has recently...just a week ago.. joined my household.  As the moon climbed high in the sky, I sat outside, freezing my butt off, waiting for her to stop playing and do wees before bedtime.  Despite the cold, it was such a pleasure to be outside, all was quiet....apart from the odd bat or two flapping over...the night sky looked dark and crisp, the stars were bright pinpoints and the moon cast a gentle light over the garden.   I've joined  Woman with Wings again for August, and made full moon art.  Who better to be seen gazing in wonder at the moon than Miss Mirrhi herself?

The "ground" she's sitting on is part of a piece of linen I wrapped in a large rusty bolt and sun dyed in eucalyptus water.  The colours are appropriate, as I've just top-dressed my backyard, and put in gravel paths.

And here's the girl herself, being cheeky and playful, as she settles happily into her new life.

She's such a delight, too smart for her own little blue nose spots, lots of fun. ....and growing way too quickly.  I'll do a post on her another time, and how we're settling in together, and the joys and challenges of integrating an exuberant pup into a household full of cats, but now, after a full and busy day, "the baby" is napping and it's that time of night to put my feet up and relax for a bit before a last trip outside before bedtime.  I have the last of the centres of the dresden plate blocks to stitch down, and hope to get them finished tonight. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Big tummy rubs for that little girl, she is far too cute. She'll be outwitting you any moment now.

  2. Nanette, how did you do this fabulous moon cloth -- is Mirrhi's image made from fabrics or embroidered or both? From the eco-dyeing to your sweet puppy, truly a (moon) reflection of you! I love it.

    Night rituals. You are fortunate to be able to stitch at night, my eyes get tired well before the rest of me. The blocks are so pretty and cheerful, they must be a pleasure to work on. xo

  3. The moon cloth is wonderful. The little girl is growing fast and sounds like she's keeping you busy. Happy Busy. Like the dresden plates.

  4. Hi kaite...tummy rub duly given, it's a lovely tummy to rub, round and soft, with a smattering of freckles. It gets rubbed a lot. She's probably already outwitted me kaite, and she's so smart, I probably don't even know, ha!

  5. Thanks Peggy for the nice words about my stitching. I roughly drew a little sitting puppy shape, cut it out in a scrap of white linen, stitched it down, then I filled it in with long and short straight stitches.

    I'm the opposite, my body seems to get tired before my eyes, so evening is a welcome time to put my feet up and do a little stitching. I'm not getting much done during the day atm...wonder why? :)

  6. Hi Terry, puppy's such fun to watch and see all the learning happening, and I have to keep slowing down to enjoy it all.

    Happy busy...that's a good description of it all.

  7. Your moon block turned out wonderful, the puppy is perfect.

  8. Hi Kathy, thanks, I really enjoyed putting puppy into stitch.


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