Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quilt finish and around home

It's finished at last. This quilt has occupied all my waking hours lately, and some of my sleeping ones too, as I'd wake and fret I wouldn't get it finished in time.  It's now in the hands of Mr Australia Post. It's a relief to have it done and away.

Just a little peek until it arrives at it's destination.

Around the homestead, the "new" chickens are no longer new, but part of the flock. Here they are dustbathing together, but since I took this photo, the new ones have been coaxed into sleeping in the big roost.  They were pretty nervous to start, and no wonder, with that big orange monster bearing down on them from above, and pecking madly.  All's well now, though, and spangly Lola now sleeps
happily under that monster's wing.

The girls have really grown up, as the middle next to orange Juno...started laying yesterday, and Lola produced her first egg today.  My last bantie, Goodie, doesn't lay anymore, and spends her days now standing quietly and very still, gazing off into the middle distance.  She still looks well, is very ready to let the young ones know when they've overstepped themselves, but I wonder if I'll have her for much longer....

I call this pair my yin yang cats....that's mother Molly on the right, and her "baby", Velvet Brown who's around 7or 8.  These two ended up staying with me when I was fostering cats for an animal rescue group.  They'd come out of a very nasty situation, and I couldn't bear for them to go through the adoption process, they were so terrified of people, so I kept them.  Even after nearly 4 years with me, they're still quite timid, and will come to me occassionally for an ear scratch, but mostly keep to themselves.  I'm more than happy to give them a safe haven and let them live out their days peacefully.

Until of course, this one showed up. This is Neesa, my feisty little princess.  She was treated cruelly as a tiny kitten as well, and has some "issues" too.  Here she's keeping an eye on Mirrhi...none of the cats have taken to Mirrhi, but she doesn't really care, she has me!

And to finish, here's the puppy herself, helping me in the garden. As you can see, she's quite the lady.

She's growing so quickly, and her legs are getting long and lanky.  She's a good girl, and no trouble, and has been quick to learn.....she waits for the magic word before she eats, she can sit, down and stay, she'll come most of the time, she sits and waits until I go through the door first.....she's also strong willed and is ready to argue if she's told 'no'! She's fun and wonderful company, and as I write this, she's napping on my feet.  It's hard work at times, but I have no regrets about getting her.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Your whole post made me smile.
    All of your pets are lucky to have you!
    Looking forward to seeing a picture of your quilt.
    Love Leanne

  2. Thanks for the visit, i love how you have garden help with Mirrhi. She can probably dig well too....

  3. Hi Leanne, thanks, I think I'm lucky to have all my girls.

  4. Morning Kaite...digging is Mirrhi's speciality, along with sitting on the keep it warm maybe?....and protecting me from those nasty garden tools by barking at them in her most ferocious voice. Nothing gets done quickly anymore but who cares lol

  5. I feel like I just got a magical peek of your life, Nanette. Your animal companions are so very lucky -- and vice versa, of course. So glad the chickens worked it out. ;)

    The quilt! Can't wait to see the whole thing...xo

  6. Hi Peggy..magical peek, magical life :) Yes, it's funny about chickens, it feels like it'll never come together, that there'll always be pecks and divisions, and suddenly, they're best buddies...

  7. Lovely to see a home full of happy contented animals :)

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    My cats and dog came from rescue organisations too.

    Love that jacaranda tree and it's surrounding carpet in a later post.



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