Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weaving, woven

close-up of wool roving added for texture

Rya knots

I made this little woven wall hanging this week.  I've been wanting to try loom weaving for a while, and while I was considering the options........make one from heavy card, an old drawer as one tutorial suggested, or buy one........... the magazine Mollie Makes, which I buy occasionally, offered a free loom kit with the last  issue..... sold!

Mollie Makes 58 with free loom kit weaving and 8 papers

I didn't make it exactly as the kit,  I used my own colours and gathered inspiration from the tutorials of hello hydranga ...... I like her style and her tutorial's were easy to follow, as well as a beautiful mess.  Closer to home, I love the work of Mim Concepts, Weaving and Macrame Artist, she incorporates a lot of macrame and dip-dyed yarns, a look I love.  

My little weave is about 9 inches long to the end of the white fringe and 7 inches wide.  It was fiddly but pretty easy and I can't wait to make another......something big and bright I'm thinking.  

This little one was a Christmas gift for a friend, happy Christmas, Lajla.