Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weaving, woven

close-up of wool roving added for texture

Rya knots

I made this little woven wall hanging this week.  I've been wanting to try loom weaving for a while, and while I was considering the options........make one from heavy card, an old drawer as one tutorial suggested, or buy one........... the magazine Mollie Makes, which I buy occasionally, offered a free loom kit with the last  issue..... sold!

Mollie Makes 58 with free loom kit weaving and 8 papers

I didn't make it exactly as the kit,  I used my own colours and gathered inspiration from the tutorials of hello hydranga ...... I like her style and her tutorial's were easy to follow, as well as a beautiful mess.  Closer to home, I love the work of Mim Concepts, Weaving and Macrame Artist, she incorporates a lot of macrame and dip-dyed yarns, a look I love.  

My little weave is about 9 inches long to the end of the white fringe and 7 inches wide.  It was fiddly but pretty easy and I can't wait to make another......something big and bright I'm thinking.  

This little one was a Christmas gift for a friend, happy Christmas, Lajla.


  1. That is very cute Nanette! I'm sure the recipient will love it. I have often looked at these little kits and wondered if they would allow me to be creative and make decent sized pieces ...........

    1. I think you could Pauline, now that I've made this little one, and learnt the basics, I feel confident enough to do my own thing's pretty easu really, over under, over under, turn :)

  2. It's lovely, and I bet you catch the bug! Many moons ago, when I was doing my design degree, one of the textile modules was weaving, and we had to learn to thread and set up a full size loom. I remember thinking that you'd have to have a real passion for the art to go to all that faff each time. A little table top loom would be much more fun! I've seen someone using one of those tubular plastic rectangular embroidery frames for weaving, with the threads seated in grooves made with a hacksaw.

  3. Thanks Kate, I think I had the bug before I started :) Know what you mean about setting up a full size loom, but I do so want to make a big wall hanging. I've seen people use all sorts of things for a small loom, only restricted by one's imagination. Do you have any weavings from your degree days?


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