Monday, April 11, 2016

Scraphappy Rainbow Days

This beautiful sunrise full of promise has turned into a grey, chilly day!
I've missed the last couple of months of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.....packing and moving house will do that, throw the schedule right off!....and although I missed the first week of April, I managed to haul out the scraps on the weekend. April's colour is orange with a touch of a jaffa!  This was timely, as I still had orange and brown scraps on the table after finishing the March F2F blocks, which were shades of brown, orange and red.

I made these two churn dash blocks...a 6.5 inch and a 9 inch.....these will be added to the blues I made in January, which I'm yet to find, I'm sure they'll turn up before I'm ready to sew these blocks into something. 

.....and a handful of scrappy log cabins. These need a few more rounds to finish, then they'll become a quilt for Maya's Rest a respite centre for terminally ill children and their families. 

The scraps will take a bit of a backseat this week while I start a quilt for my son's 40th birthday....40!!??  It's this one, it's called Radiant  and is a very simple block, but looks complicated and geometric...he'll like that.  I'm making it in shades of grey, black and white and blue/turquoise/teal for the centre blocks.  

So that's it for now, off to tackle the veggie garden that has turned into a jungle, I'm keen to do some autumn planting.

Linking up with so scrappy........ there's lots of orangery goodness to check out there.

'till next time

Friday, April 8, 2016


This handsome fellow glided in ever so quietly as I was having my first cuppa in the garden this morning.  It wasn't at all bothered by my presence or Mirrhi crashing and banging along the river bank, enjoying the smells of overnight visitors....... it was just focused on catching it's breakfast.

Across the river, the white cockatoos are still massed in their overnight roosts, waiting to catch the first warming rays of the sun.
A different kind of catching!

Enjoy your day