Sunday, August 12, 2012

Puppies and presents

Mirrhi went off to puppy pre-school yesterday.  She was a little shy at first, and was happy to sit quietly, close to Riley, the maremma pup who lives next door, and who she knows well.  After watching for a bit, she gained her confidence, and happily joined the fray of whirling, running, jumping gleeful puppies.  As I expected, she wasn't at all happy when it was time to go on lead, despite working with her on the lead every day, she's not taking well to it.  It was entertaining at least, my puppy dancing and yelping on the end of her lead, while everyone else sat reasonably quietly!  She did however sit for her treat without being asked, 'waited' for permission to take it, and 'downed' when I gave the command, so we redeemed ourselves.

I gave up trying to take pictures, all the puppies moved so fast, it was a bit of a blur. Here's Mirrhi chasing Rosie the german short haired pointer, who's lovely long ears she liked to swing off.  There were 6 puppies there, including Mirrhi, of all shapes and sizes and she enjoyed the fun and games with all of them.

But puppy school is hard work!

A lovely surprise during the week was a parcel from across the ditch, from Leanne in NZ.  Leanne had a give-away on her blog, CottageTails for a candle lit from a candle, lit by a candle, blessed by the Dalai Lama, and joy! my name was pulled out.  I love to light it first thing in the morning, and remember it's journey.  Thanks Leanne.

 Mirrhi wasn't forgotten either, out from the parcel popped this shaggy rabbit!  Leanne's daughter Abbey has a pup, too, a sweet little miniature poodle, Stella., and it's been fun to share puppy tails.

 Hmm, not very sure of this....especially when it squeaks!

 It's alright now, I've got it under control!

Thanks Leanne, Abbey and Stella, I love my rabbit.

A stitching day here today, with the weather changeable from warm and sunny to cool and cloudy.   Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. awww that last photo makes yea heart wanna melt.
    Glad you both love the little somethings.
    Love Leanne

  2. Sounds like a fun day was had by all the puppies. That rabbit won't last long, the squeak has got to be chewed out quickly! How often will she go to puppy kindy?

  3. Leanne, I'm sure you know very well those "butter wouldn't melt" looks, but, yes, rather adorable when she does that. She loves that rabbit, it regularly gets buried, dug up and then dragged all over the yard. Thanks again.

  4. It was a scream, Kaite, to see all those puppies and their silly antics. Rabbit is still in one piece, luckily she only flukes the squeak occassionally, it's mumma who's guilty of squeaking it...ha!

  5. sorry Kaite, meant to say puppy school is once a week for a month.

  6. Charlie was uneducated, never went to kindy as there wasn't one in Rylstone when he was little. Instead he amused himself digging the squeaks out of toys and trying to mate with a toy wombat!

  7. Nanette, I love reading about Mirrhi, she's going to have a good life, I can tell. :) She sounds like a happy, spirited creature, the little darling. I took a class with a puppy once and we barely passed. xoxo

  8. Hi Peggy, ah, she's an absolute love, I can't remember what it was like without her. Luckily I don't think we get graded for our puppy school, but of course my girl would be top of the class :)

  9. Keep up the puppy updates! She is so cute

  10. Hi Christine, thanks for 'liking' my puppy, she is rather cute. I don't need a lot of encouragement to talk about her.


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