Thursday, July 19, 2012

This girl is mine

........or she will be next week when she'll be big enough to leave her mum and siblings. 

She had been -running stumbling about playing, then the owner picked her up so I could take a photo, and she nodded off straight away.  I've had great fun thinking about names, discussing names, checking out other people's dog's names, it's quite time consuming.   I have a short list now, which could quite possibly change after I get to know her better.  I'd love to hear any suggestions for naming her.

It's all this little fellow's fault....I looked after him for a few days for my neighbours, he was such good fun and a wonderful companion, he reminded me how nice it is to have a dog around,  so I started to think seriously about getting one, and to look around.

Spencie from next door

A pile of girl has her back to the camera, that's her with the white splash on her tush. Mum is a blue heeler (Australian catle dog)/ kelpie cross and dad is a pedigree border collie)

Having volunteered with an animal rescue group, and owning 3 rescue cats, I know there are many dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages waiting for homes, beautiful dogs who are homeless for a variety of reasons and usually through no fault of theirs.  I did scour all the pet rescue sites, and could have gladly adopted all of them, especially the older dogs.  In the end,  I decided to look for a puppy, and a neighbour told me about this litter.  I think...hope...the cats will be more amenable to a creature smaller than themselves, one they can train and let know who is boss, I can train it to live alongside my chickens, and as the owner has chickens, this little one comes with some chicken experience already.  I also wanted a dog I could train to the way I want it to live with me, and that didn't come with any baggage other than puppiness.
And in case you think it's only been about puppy love around here, I finished this baby quilt for a friend's new granddaugher

and made a soft and cuddly knot doll to go with it...perfect for a new-born, it's all cotton, with an  organic wool-filled head for warmth and comfort, and knotted hands and hat just right for chewing on as she gets bigger.

And here's my full moon art for July, that I finished and forgot to postBecause I was in a weaving frame of mine after playing with my garden loom in the last post, I wove scraps of batik from a patchwork op-shop dress for the background, and various pieces of silk and glittery fabric for the moon.  I'll add more stitching 'one day'.

The weekend is coming, and hopefully bringing more sunshine with it after days of rain.  Enjoy yours whatever you do, rain or shine.


  1. New puppies are a lot of work but so much fun and great company. A nice mix of breeds she should be a real people dog.
    The baby quilt is bright and happy. I like the white sashing.


    Love the baby quilt
    Love Leanne

  3. Bluey, kelpie, border collie - that's one complete mix of a working dog you will have there. I hope you have plenty of energy and hopefully a flock of sheep to keep her busy otherwise your hens will get a daily workout. Goodluck!

  4. She is so beautiful, I don't have a name suggestion I'm sure one will pop into your head when you get her home. Give her cuddles from me

  5. Hi Terry, aah yes, a good mix, fun and hard work. I'm looking forward to it....but ask me again when we have to go out for wees in the early hours when it's cold and wet.

    I was pleased with how the quilt turned out, thanks.

  6. Hi Leanne, you know first hand at the moment that "cute" goes hand in hand with mischievous and work. Glad you like my quilt.

  7. It's true Kaite,a good mix of busy dogs. Her mum is very quiet and laid back, so finger's crossed she's just like her. The sheep arrive next week!

  8. Thanks for popping in Angela, are you still travelling? I think she'll be getting lots of cuddles.

  9. Lovely pictures

  10. Nanette, what a darling girl, that pup is, congratulations! Can't wait to hear her name.

    The baby quilt and doll are wonderful -- you have gotten a lot done -- is that a waldorf-style doll head? I have one that I made years ago but never made a body and now I'll never get the same color for the body. This would be a good use for it maybe?

  11. Hello Notjustgreenfingers...thanks, I'm pleased you like my pics. Thanks for visiting.

  12. Hi Peggy, yep, pretty cute puppy. A few names in the hat, I'll wait until I have her around for a bit before I decide.

    Yes, dolly is waldorf style. You could make her into a knot doll, a cushion doll, like this, if you didn't have any fabric to make her hands, they could be the body fabric, or make it's body look like a onesie, like I did here Let me know if you need any help, and I'd love to see your doll when she's finished.


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