Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday night

She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but.......
this little darling can create a lot of havoc.  She was leading the dog on a merry chase through the house, leaping off chairs, over cupboards, and across tabletops when in her mad dash, she knocked my camera to the floor, the lense popped out and is now jammed.  This is the second time it's hit the ground with a thud in recent days, so it might not recover......fingers crossed it'll be ok.  But until I can get it seen to, there'll be no linking with pictures to Peg of my OPAM finish for February, or Anthea for Piece Yourself Together to show my few hexies I made (first hexies!), or Angela for Scraphappy Saturday with my pink blocks, as all those pictures are on the camera still.

I put the borders on Walter's quilt last week sometime, and I've since sandwiched and basted it, and most of the quilting is now done. I'm pleased with it this far. The colours are not quite true, the yellow is not as bright as this.  I'm still deciding on binding, maybe a blue....any suggestions?

Time to do a bit more quilting before bed......

'til next time


  1. I would choose a bright colour for the binding. Have things settled down after the storm

  2. oh no, no the camera! Well Nanette, if it's any consolation, you should be able to get a really good compact camera without a huge price tag...

  3. Fingers crossed for the camera! My Harvey does that hurtling round the house like a whirlwind, bouncing off surfaces en route. Pests - good job they are adorable on other occasions!

  4. Ha! We have both been at the mercy of our pets recently. Hope your camera survives! I love blue, so that would be my choice too. However this gorgeous design can take any of those colours and look lovely. What would the recipient prefer? [My memory says it is a man, therefore he won't mind - make it blue :-) ]

  5. cats, you love to hate them somedays, hope the camera does survive & is fixable
    gorgeous quilt & yeh am thinking blue-ish would suit well, just lay the material along it & see which stands out the best
    good luck!
    thanx for sharing!

  6. Ooh...the camera sounds like it's taken a battering. cats sometimes go crazy if the weather changes :-) Love your quilt!

  7. She is a pretty kitty, even if she causes trouble at times. ;- ) Hope the camera can be salvaged. The quilt looks good. I would also go with a dark binding.


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