Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photos retrieved

...... no new camera yet 

I've been looking though, reading reviews, asking others what they have, but haven't made a decision. I only want a compact, but most of the newer models have lots of bells and whistles I don't want, so the search will continue until I meet the right one.

In the meantime, I wanted to show the bunting/banner I made for Fran in Tasmania.  I showed a little peek of it here, but now that Fran's received it, I can show it all.

It's double sided, wool embroidery on hessian and is about 40cms long by 30 cm maybe....I didn't measure it before I sent it......plus the long tails and the bead dangly thingy.

Fran blogs at https://theroadtoserendipity.wordpress.com  about her busy, productive and mad hippie life on a farm in Tasmania, living sustainably and growing vegetables safely in The Sanctuary away from her rascally dogs.  This bunting and others sent from all over will soon be flapping happily there.  Go check her out and see what she has to say.

That's all for now.......

'til next time


  1. beautiful bunting
    just been over to serendipity, what a great read, funny too.
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina. Isn't Serendipity a great place to visit, and yes, Fran is pretty funny.

  2. I just love your prayer flag Nanette! Fran loves your flag too, as you know :-) This is such a personal and gorgeous art form - I find myself quite inspired by it :-) xoxo

  3. Love the banner/bunting you made!

  4. Love this post, so hippy! :D

  5. Lucky Fran to have a banner like that to hang! I want to find my inner hippie and make some too! (I know shes' in there somewhere but it's been a long time since she's come out to play.)

  6. Such a pretty banner, lovely work


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