Sunday, March 29, 2015

Scrappy March

Joining Angela at  superscrappy  and all the other RSC players again for the rainbow scrap challenge.  

Our colour for March is yellow and this is the last Scrappy Weekend for the month.

I made a wonky star right at the beginning of the month, but then my camera declined to work, so this is the first chance I've had to post some yellow.  I also made 4 yellow string blocks.   And as there's still a few days until the end of the month, I might get a chance to use up some more scraps.

Wonky star and string blocks

3 stars so far
I decided the yellow strings needed company, so made some pink and blue as well.

These aren't joined yet, I might want to make some in-between shades ...... blue-green, yellow-orange link them together later when the challenge is finished.

Pop over to Angela's blog to see more yellow scrap projects.

It's been unseasonably hot and humid here, no cooling off yet for autumn, and too hot to do much in the garden or the sewing room, but I did pick a colander full of volunteer cherry tomatoes.

I cooked these up early one morning while it was still cool, and made some jars of tomato sauce, and then added eggplants, okra and zucchini to the remainder for a delicious ratatouille....all popped into the freezer for later.

And how's this for the cutest rainbow girl............the louvres in my kitchen have bevelled edges, and if the sun's in the right spot, they throw pretty rainbows through the house. Mirrhi just happened to be napping in the right spot.

'til next time ......


  1. nice! love the colours you are putting together, keeps it interesting. ahhh rainbow dog, so pretty!
    thanx for sharing

  2. Love your yellow blocks, Nanette. Those tomatoes look wonderful and all self sown...even better! That's a great photo of your pup!

  3. I love both sets of blocks! I'm beginning to wish that I had added a center accent color on own String blocks.

  4. Great use of your yellow scraps, all your blocks are lovely! Isn't Autumn a great time for harvesting? Mystical magical Mirrhi!

  5. rainbow girl...... sweet
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. Lovely sunny yellow blocks, and I see you've started your own rainbow there! We were paddling with the ducks this morning, but the sun has broken out, so I'll be looking for some of my own. Trying to use gmail to comment instead of my WordPress account, to see if that makes a difference... fingers crossed!

  7. Love your rainbow dog! Glad to see you've found a camera to use too. Definitely make more string blocks, they will make for a fun quilt (or maybe use them between the stars? or are they two different size blocks?).

  8. Your blocks are looking great. And your rainbow dog, so cute.

  9. What a gorgeous pic of your doggy Nanette... the RSC blocks look great too! x

  10. Great RSC blocks. Cute rainbow dog picture : )

  11. Brilliant blocks there, do love those stars and what a cracking rainbow kiss of light!

  12. Hi Nanette! Thank you for visiting my blog! I have been really lax about posting there, because, well, Facebook caught me up. I do need to blog more. I really need to keep track of what is going on here at my new farm, and it is a really good way to track what happens year to year. I think your visit may be just the nudge I needed to get me started on that! I'm going to go and look at all the pretty things you have on your blog...I know I saw lots of color when I was coming to comment. Thank you! Thank you! Don't give up on me, I have some five day old goslings coming tomorrow, there will probably be lots of adventures adding them to my growing farm animal family. Goats, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, and FISH!!!

  13. Sorry to hog the comments...I love your blocks. That is another batch of projects I need to get going on. Maybe I am being hard on myself. We just moved here in January, and I'm still trying to settle in...okay, no excuses. I need to make subjects for blogs!
    BTW, don't you just love Rhonda?

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