Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back with the moon

I've been back from holidays for a couple of weeks now, but it's been hard to get back into blogging,  hard to be on the computer, when the sun's been shining quite hotly for autumn/winter, and the great outdoors is calling.  It's been pretty busy around here too, with visitors coming and going, garden beds to prepare and vegetables to get in the ground.  This is my best planting and growing season, and with good prep now I'll have a variety of vegetables that will take me through to summer, depending how quickly the weather heats up and the humidity increases.  But for now, chilly nights, sunny days and a decent amount of rain will ensure good growth.

Today, I'm joining Woman with Wings in her full moon Drawing down the Moon project. I've missed doing this the last couple of months, and it felt realy good to settle quietly yesterday and stitch.  I captured the  photo above early yesterday morning as the moon was setting, just before it disappeared behind the trees (shame about the power lines).  The mountain was beautifully tinged with rose as the rising sun hit it.  Just for interest's sake, that very tip of Mt Warning is the first easterly point of Australia that the sunrise hits....neat hey? 

I have stitched an almost transparent moon mirroring the moon above in the night sky, and drawing healing energy deep into the earth.

I've managed to work on other projects too ....
a small wallhanging for a swap
a nearly completed baby quilt 

First few dresden plates for a special 40th birthday quilt ....8 to go.....due later in the year

a fabric postcard for a friend's birthday
and some knitting
It's sunny today with a biting cold wind, my thoughts are with all the people further south who are experiencing wild weather and floods, let's hope it all blows out to sea soon, as predicted.


  1. Nanette! You've been stitching or knitting a mile a minute, so many projects! So many beautiful projects, I should say!

    I'm curious about your growing season there -- what kinds of things do you plant now and when will you harvest them? We can't really grow anything over the winter here unless it's in a cold-frame and even then, it's iffy.

    Your moon/sunrise photo is so cool. And the moon cloth, well it's almost like an amulet cloth, drawing the healing energy into the earth. I love it. xoxo

  2. Hi Nanette, me again. I'd love the links for knitted leaves!! Thank you. xoxo

  3. just love your baby quilt!!! Got me itching to get time to sew....
    love leanne

  4. Hi Leanne, mmm, haven't noticed much stitching on your blog, except for your chakra quilt, which is lovely. My baby quilt should be finished this weekend...fingers crossed.

  5. Hi amulet cloth, hadn't thought of that! I emailed you with the links for leaves. x

    has a Sacred feel to it. love the mirror image.

    Joan @ CopperCreeker


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