Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello, my name is Betty

and I lay blue-green eggs. 

 Araucana Betty

Betty's offering in the middle, Lola's snow white egg to the left, and Brenna's big brown on the right. Green eggs and ham anyone?

Betty was late to lay, the others have been laying for about a month now, and I was beginning to worry.  Then she started talking about it, sitting  near the nesting boxes for days and having a little workshop with herself, and yesterday was the day!  Her egg is a deeper green in real life, and makes a lovely rainbow with the others.  Araucanas can lay a variety of colours, from pale blue and lavender, to this deep almost khaki colour. She's rather odd looking, with no comb or wattles, and a funny 'bed hair' tuft of feathers on top of her head.  I've promised this first egg to my neighbour's 3 yr old....I suspect she's going to be disappointed with the colour, although I've tried to tell her Betty's eggs might not be blue like the sky, I think she's still hopeful they will be. She's away on holidays, so I'll hear the verdict on the weekend. 

And an update on the other girl ................

Miss Mirrhi, 4 months old, and all long legs and perky ears. She's a  real sweetie, is just as happy to lay on my feet and nap as she is to chase and bring a ball, she sits, downs and comes on command, waits to let me go first through doors and gates, and waits until I give the ok before she eats.  She also rings a bell with her nose that I tied on the back door knob when she wants to go out..........sometimes it's a false alarm, as she's also partial to chewing on it.

When not collecting eggs and gushing over my puppy, I've been busy stitching and sewing......more on that next time.


  1. When our old girls pass (not in a hurry I hope) I'm going to get some araucanas - those blue eggs look amazing.

    Lovely to see Mirrhi - wait till I tell Abbey that she rings a bell to go outside - clever girl!

    Love L

  2. Hi Leanne, I hope your old girls hang around for a long time yet, but you'll love having araucanas. Apart from her pretty eggs, Betty's a lovely gentle chicken,but the most vocal of all of them.

    I think that's a gold medal each now for our puppy girls now:) xx

  3. What an interesting menagerie you have there. Mirrhi is such a sweet looking girl. Sounds like a happy home.

  4. Hi Kaite...haven't been called a menagerie before, but it sounds like fun.

  5. Beautiful eggs from your girls, Nanette. Oh, how I love reading about your chickens. Mirrhi is one smart cookie, I'd say. Ringing her bell, love that. She must be a genius!!! :) xx

  6. Hi Peggy, chooks are great aren't they, they have such distinctive personalities...do you have any?

    I don't know about Mirrhi being a genius...she certainly learns quickly, but some of that's her breed, she's working dog stock. I also spend a lot of time with her, working her, and believe me, she also gets up to lots of mischief and conveniently forgets at times all she's been taught or develops selective deafness! All part of the fun.

  7. Your pup and chicks are adorable!

    Cheery wave from


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