Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bentley Battle Won

 Bentley at dawn .(Source Knitting Nannas against Gas Facebook)

 I have no photos from the day at the blockade camp yesterday.  I can't believe it.  I took plenty, but loading them tonight there was a funny google glitch and poof! all gone!

The camp was amazing.  Tents and camper vans everywhere.  People sleeping wherever they could squeeze into a small space.  It was all very well organised, with rosters for dish washing, toilet cleaning,  and serving meals.   There was a timetable of activities on offer throughout the and meditation,  information sessions for newbies at the camp, and workshops on non-violent action, and dealing with police presence. 

I met the Knitting Nannas, who've done some wonderful work with their peaceful knit-ins outside the local Member of Parliament's office, and keeping the task at hand in the public's face in a fun and non-threatening way.

Knitting nannas at the Nannadome - their slogan 'Knot the gate'(Source Knitting Nannas against Gas)

We were directed to join others at Gate A, to increase the public presence should the police turn up.  They didn't, but it felt good to be sitting in solidarity, all of us with a common purpose.

Gate A at dawn (Source Knitting Nannas against Gas)

The good news though is while we were quietly guarding the gates, talks were going on 1,000 kms away behind closed doors.  It was announced this morning that the mining company's licence to drill at the Rosella well at Bentley was suspended on the grounds that they didn't undertake effective and genuine consultation with the community as required.

 Source: Northern Star newspaper

The war isn't over, but we've had a great victory and have proved that non-violent, direct action, civil disobedience  and (in theory) democracy works.  Our victory sets a precedence for others in Australia and overseas fighting dodgy gas companies and hopefully will give them heart to not give up.

Source Northern Star newspaper

.......very satisfying


  1. WELL! That is absolutely fantastic, and so heartening to see people taking action, physically backing the people talking the talk and you won. Most excellent. Thank you for being one of those people.. love love.. c


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