Sunday, June 1, 2014

Virtual sewing party

Donna at held a virtual sewing party to celebrate her blog's 2nd birthday.  She had real people enjoying a weekend of sewing, good food and "bubbles" at her house; whereas most of those who joined in sewed alone......I find I get more done that way, anyway.
I only managed a little sewing this afternoon, after spending most of the day tidying up the mess the tree fall made, fixing trellis back again, and giving all the plants that had either a shock or a squashing a little tlc to get them back on track.
I worked on this quilt I'm making for my ex mother-in-law.....although I haven't been married to her son for many years, she and I are still good friends, and I visit her regularly.  It's her 90th birthday in 3 weeks and the quilt is to be her gift. It's a pattern by Bronwyn Hayes called The Seed Packet quilt.

I already had the stitcheries done, so now I'm adding the borders, and finished 3 and a half today. 

These 4 are left to do, plus a heart block.
I love this about the internet, that there were dozens of women on the weekend all stitching or knitting, doing their own thing,  in "company" with each other.  We have the opportunity to visit each other's blogs and see what everyone's doing, give encouragement and admire the works underway, all while enjoying a beverage of choice and some treats.....well, it was a party!  I don't know if I would've bothered doing any sewing today, choosing to relax with a book instead, if I hadn't "signed up" to party along with Donna. 
Happy Bloggy Birthday, Donna


  1. Hello Nanette,

    That is one gorgeous quilt pattern. Your MIL will love it.

    Happy days.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful - and how nice is it to be able to still be friends with your ex MIL!!

  3. I am pleased that you joined in and partied with us..........and yes you may have been on your own but you were not alone as there were heaps of girls sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting etc together.......the internet is amazing..........

  4. The quilt blocks are gorgeous those stitching designs. The quilt will make a magnificent gift for such a milestone birthday :-)

  5. What a pretty design, a treasured heirloom in the making.

  6. Lucky MIL !! fab stitching : )

  7. What a huge gift from the heart for your friend/ex mother-in-law. I really admire you for this, you know? It's so lovely and your friendship must be very special, too. xoxo

  8. How nice stitching, will be a great gift :-) good weekend to celebrate chokeblue's 2 years old shed , glad I joined!


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