Thursday, May 19, 2016


Fog across the river to the west
Hello Sun!
Rosy skies to the east
Mt Warning wreathed in colour
 I'm up and out early most days, I just can't get enough of this early morning light and colour. There's been fog the last few mornings, making everything look ghostly, then the sun burns through, revealing beautiful rosy skies and amazing clouds.

More delights to enjoy, with the arrival in the mail yesterday of these F2F blocks from Christina. Thanks Christina, perfect soft low-volume colours.  I just have one set still on it's way, and my own 3 to make, then I can start to play with lay-outs.  

On my to-do list today is making a start on Kate's F2F blocks. She's chosen this sparkling palette of black and white and lime green....nice! Kate has already received some gorgeous blocks, you can see them in the gallery, just scroll down almost to the end.   For those new to my blog.....or returning.....there's a blurb at the beginning of that gallery page, telling the F2F story.

lime green and black color scheme - Google Search:

This delightful girl has been waiting patiently for a while, with her ball at the ready, so we're off for a walk now. 

till next time.....


  1. I love the last photograph of the mountain - it looks like a still from an animation.
    One of my dogs has a ball fetish too but I'm not sure he'd get that one in his mouth!

    1. That mountain's aboriginal name is Wollumbin, which means " cloud eater". I never tire of seeing her wreathed in clouds of all shapes and colours. And now I've had some trees pruned back, I can see her from my bedroom. Spectacular! That's not Mirrhi's usual ball, she found it in the bush near the school, and had great fun with it until we took it back when we went walking. I was surprised it didn't 'pop'.

  2. Oooh, that's a luscious shade of lime! Very excited to see what you're going to make for me :-)
    Love the early morning over Mt Warning photo. It's a lovely time of year for an early start...

    1. I'm waiting to see what I make you too *laughs* I did make a start as promised, but nothing really gelled. Back to it today. I love this time of year, crisp enough for a cardi and socks in the mornings, then back to tshirt and shorts by about 9 oc. Too nice not to be out in it.


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