Sunday, October 16, 2016

ScrapHappy Day in October

.......although I'm a little late!

Gun and Kate host Scraphappy Day and encourage us to use our scraps in some way, and then show off our creations on the 15th of every month.  It's the 16th here, but I'm sure it's still the 15th somewhere in the world.

This is a portable little project that I've been picking up and putting down over the last couple of weeks, taking it to appointments and making a stitch or two when I've needed a break from weeding,painting and mowing.

I'm making a journal cover, boro style.  This type of stitching is typically used for mending, but here I've layered large scraps onto a muslin backing, and then added smaller patches over them and used a running or kantha  stitch to hold it all together.  I might add some more patches on top as well, this will make the " fabric" that results nice and strong.
I've used some of my hand-dyed fabrics, silk and indigo scraps from fabric bought in India and re-purposed scraps from op-shop buys, some over-dyed.  It's taken me a while to get used to stitching raw edges, but I'm enjoying it now and finding quite a sense of freedom and relaxation in it.

Next is a finished quilt that's not entirely scraps, but since a lot is, although larger scraps,  I'm including it as a scrappy project.  I bought the backing and that teal batik that's in the second border. 

I made this for my son's 40th birthday, which has been and gone, and we had planned I'd go to Sydney to give it to him, but his work commitments meant this kept getting put off.  This weekend he was free, so yesterday I hopped on the first flight out of Coolangatta to Sydney, and was able to present his quilt to him.  We spent the day eating good food, lots of chatting and catching up, and then mid afternoon he dropped me back at the airport.  I was home in time for tea.......pretty darn exhausted but feeling very satisfied!

Closeup  ...... color's not true here, it looks more navy then black

Oh and I sent it out to be quilted, Tina at the local quilt shop Moo Moo Stitches, did a lovely job, and saved me from hauling all that fabric through my machine and killing my back.

I'm linking up with Kate and Gun and other scrappy stitchers who're playing ScrapHappy Day this month.  Go and have a look and be inspired to delve into your scraps and make something wonderful.

I have other sewing projects to show, but will save them for another time....someone's waiting with admirable patience for her morning walk.  Hard to resist that face!

Till next time.....


  1. Wow - a real flying visit to your son Netty :-) I love your journal cover - I would never have thought to undertake such a project with all my fabric scraps. And although it seems highly unlikely that I ever shall, the idea is filed away somewhere in the murky depths!! :-)

    1. A quick flight there and back seemed like a good way for us to catch up, and it was fun! Layering scraps with stitch is a lovely mindless kind of task, I hope you give it a try one day.

  2. Love your boro piece! The quilt that you made for your son is gorgeous and what a wonderful day you had for the handover. 💕

    1. Thanks Maria, I felt like a jet-setter heading off to Sydney for the day!

  3. Lovely! A really beautiful boro project, and a clever idea for a journal cover. You've given me an idea for a bunch of scraps I'd thrown out as being too much the wrong shape and size for anything, so thank you for the inspiration. I probably won't do boro; the scraps are batiks and stitching though all that fine dense weave will kill my hands, but some machine stitchery will do the trick, I'm sure.

    1. Oh yes, fabrics like batik are hard on your hands, most of my fabrics are well worn, or soft silks, so the stitching is a lot easier. Machine stitching looks great too, and you can fancy it up a bit. Look forward to seeing what you come up month maybe? :)

  4. A great project, love the colours. The Kantha stitch looks my efforts at traditional hand quilting! I envy you having a quilting service close by - I might be tempted to used one occasionally if I did.
    I have a little furry face looking at me too now - hard to resist as you say.

  5. Aw bless that patient face lol
    I do like boro stitching and piecing, I find it so relaxing

  6. I get that patient and hopeful face a lot! Good to see you back out in blogland.


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