Thursday, December 1, 2016

Notes from November

I had good intentions of popping in here a few more times this ...oops... last month than I actually did, and I know a lot of bloggers are asking the same question.....where are the days and weeks going, they're flying by so fast.

So then I thought a bit of a round-up was probably a good way to go, so you...and I...can see what I've done.  Because sometimes it feels like not very much at all. So let's see, in no particular order.....

There was boro -style bunting, which went off to the States for a gift in a Christmas swap.  My partner had requested a non-Christmassy gift, and as I knew she has a little plant filled balcony, I though what better gift than fabric, beads and buttons to flutter in the breeze.

Gifts received in return....very sweet felt Christmas ornaments......

I indulged in some charity sewing and serious stash busting .....these three toys have gone off  to Western Australia, to join hundreds of other dolls and toys being sent to Uthando, where they'll bring a smile to the faces of children affected by AIDS.

Soft and cosy pouches and liners for a wildlife rescue group in Queensland.......

And bags to make carrying drains easier for patients after breast cancer surgery ....these went to Tasmania to a group called The Simple Gift of a Bag

A local group put out a call for donations of quilt blocks, which would then be assembled into a quilt to bring some cheer to a young girl diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer.  I dug into my stash again, quickly made these two and sent them off.

I think that was all the sewing, apart from the scrappy quilts I showed in my last post.

Then there was the day out with a friend, where we played tourist and visited the Numinbah Natural Arch, halfway between both our places, but just over the border in Queensland.  We hiked the rainforest trail up to the arch then enjoyed a picnic afterward by the river.

The gathering heat as the month raced toward summer brought vibrant sunrises

and fog shrouded mornings, that turned into hot sticky days as the sun burned through.

And just as quickly were replaced by sudden storms with hail and strong jacaranda tree was knocked over by one of these ...... and as I write this another thunderstorm is rolling in from the south-west, cooling the day down, and bringing lots of very welcome rain!

Breakfast was enjoyed with friends.....

The cats are having their second egg!

So...November was a pretty full month after all, and a bit of well-earned resting was done on the verandah in the cool.

I hope your November was full to the brim too.

Till next time...........


  1. Now you see, logged in diary form youve proven how busy you've been! Cracking giraffes, adorable lol
    And those dear cats, clearly weary of the heat and taking life slowly lolol wise animals, cats!

  2. Yes, sensible cats....I must become more like them!

  3. Wow! You achieved such a lot, Nanette. Love the bunting; great idea 😊. Love those felt ornaments that you were sent too. Those toys you made will thrill the recipients and your 2 quilt blocks are lovely...hopefully you will see ( and share with your readers) the completed quilt. It is such a special idea. Loved your photos of your pets and also Numinbah Natural Arch. It's a beautiful spot, especially on a hot day. Stay safe with these summer storms. Shame about your jacaranda tree, but I've heard of a few of them being uprooted in storms.

    1. Yes, I surprised myself too, it felt like I'd only read and drank tea :)

  4. Well, no wonder November flew by for you. It's a good idea to make a list of things you've done - it makes you realise just how much you have really achieved.

    1. I was surprised when it was all set out there with photographic proof!

  5. Thank you for being one of the kind and loving people who make drain bags. Mine wasn't nearly as nice as those... pale yellow jersey, it stretched and showed the nasty leaks badly. What a lot you've achieved this month; you've put me quite to shame :-) So sad about the jacaranda, but at least you're all safe xxx

  6. Aah thankyou Kate. Although recycled/upcycled fabric, they were all cotton, and I had fun co-ordinating the outer and linings. I would've happily made you one if I'd known you back then :) I think there're months when you quite put me to shame, and that's how it goes. Yes, sad about the tree, but there's enough left standing for the birds to perch on and the water dragons play chasey up and down.

  7. It's always so interesting to read about the seasons, in the Southern Hemisphere. When we are cold, you are hot. :-) But I forget that. Silly me.

    Marvelous work you did, to help out people in need!

    "...and fog shrouded mornings, that turned into hot sticky days as the sun burned through."

    Ahhh, your dragon's breath in the morning, carried through, with more than just his breath, in the day. A bit of his fire too. :-)

    Your weather blessings,
    Luna Crone


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