Thursday, March 9, 2017

Make it quick

...........make it easy

Since I returned from India, my moods and energy have been all over the minute fidgety and restless, my mind anyway..... to get into the garden and the sewing room......the next, languid and indifferent and blah. Probably more blah than keen actually.  To be expected I suppose, but not where I want to be.

After hearing a friend, who rents a small studio space, say that she'd wanted to sew at home rather than trek across town, but that all her sewing supplies were at the studio, I had an 'aha!' moment.

I'd seen a mason jar sewing kit/pin cushion on a couple of blogs, so decided to make her one, the ideal small project that wouldn't take long, but would.....I hope...... get me moving again.

I've done a little step by step picture tutorial as I went along, pretty easy.  Gather your supplies....a mason jar....mine was recycled from the op shop.... fabric,you only need a small piece, about 12cms square (5"),  some wadding and cardboard.

Draw a circle on your fabric, using the jar lid insert, and cut it out about an inch larger.  Also cut a circle from your cardboard, same size as the lid.

 Put the lid insert face down, fabric on top, right side down, then pop some wadding on the fabric.

 Push it all into the lid, making sure the lid insert is pushed firmly right up into the lid.  This will push the fabric and wadding up through the top, so you end up with a little squishy bump to put your pins in.  Make sure the fabric is smooth and wrinkle free around the edges.  Turn the lid over, and trim the fabric so it sits neatly, use some spray adhesive ( or hot glue gun) to hold it flat. Oops no pictures of that bit.

Glue the circle of cardboard inside the lid, this will cover those messy jaggedy edges.

While it's drying, duck off to your sewing room and gather some supplies to gift with the jar, or if it's for you, decide what you'll keep in it.  I've put a couple of reels of  threads I had two of, some needles, a pair of scissors and  a few pins in the top.  You can do the label or not, as you please.

All done, start sewing, Anne.

That feels better, I'll have to see now what I can manage tomorrow.

........till next time


  1. That's a useful little gift and I'm sure she will love it! I imagine its a bit of an anti-climax now since coming home. After all the interest, beauty, shocking differences and the company of others along for the journey. Least you've got an excuse to feel blah.... I feel it and have none whatsoever!! Welcome home though gal : )

    1. Yes, all of what you said! You have a good excuse...reason work, and you create at work, you mind those gorgeous grandbabies, you've just had a cold, dark winter!! Home is where I am, so thanks.

  2. Sometimes a quick project is the best. Hope it got your Mo-Jo going.

    1. Hi Terry, well I felt a bit more purposeful. I had too many big plans in my head, not a good idea.

  3. Fabulous idea Nanette! And even though I got your previous post via email I didn't put a comment, so I would just like to say that your photos were magnificent.

    1. Thanks Maria, and glad you enjoyed the virtual trip to India.

  4. Good small project to get your creative juices flowing again, and a lovely gift. If I get stuck in a creative no-man's-land like that, I pick one project, then HAVE to do some work on it, even if I don't much feel like it. It seems to loosen things up!


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