Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Full Moon Art


That month slipped by pretty quickly and with no posting here.  Spring is a busy time here, with garden work going on, but also with daylight savings in progress, and a short spring before the really hot weather hits, I'm enjoying being outdoors until dark most days.  There's time to hang out with friends and neighbours, enjoy cool walks along the river with Mirrhi, or sit outdoors to sew until the light goes...just doing rather than blogging about it before the heat of summer drives me indoors again. 

I'm joining Woman with Wings again as we share our full moon art.  I made a small string pieced moon from scraps of my plant, rust and compost dyed linens and cottons.  It's about 11cms in diameter.

I was inspired by this quilt by Natasha Rutter titled "Moons" was posted in a textile newsletter I receive, but I can't find a website for her, so I have no have information about her or the quilt, unfortunately.

IMG_6038 (Small)
 This full moon is in Taurus, and is about connections.  As I stitched my little strings I thought about how strings connect our deeper inner selves, to those around us -family, friends and community, Mother Earth and the cycles of our lives. They make a complete "whole" when joined together.

Here's another look at the magnificent Jacaranda Tree from my last post, in full colour this time.  I love the 'reflection' of colour on the ground as the blossoms fall, which they do almost constantly, drifting down all day long.  People spend a lot of time raking the blossoms, or worse, getting their noisy blowers out in an attempt to keep everything neat and tidy.  Mother Nature, begone, keep your distance!

and to finish.........
 Good girl, stay!


  1. Nanette, your eco-dyed moon is beautiful -- and yes, I see the "connection" -- I love your thoughts on Taurus and connection as the whole.

    Thank you for sharing your moon cloth.

    Mirrhi has gotten so big! Happy gardening and all the wonderful outdoor tasks you have at hand now. xo

  2. Your moon is wonderful, I love the natural beauty of it, just like natural beauty of the moon.
    That tree is beautiful, is there any way to print the color into some cloth?

  3. Thanks Peggy, I enjoy finding the connection between the moon message and my stitching.
    I think Mirrhi has "beanstalk syndrom"...she shoots up overnight. She's a beautiful girl.

  4. Hello Kathy,thanks for commenting. I did try dyeing with the blossoms a few years ago, but without a good result. But you've reminded me to try again, as I've learnt a bit since that first attempt. I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. Are you ok? Haven't heard from you in a while and no full moon post for November.
    Lots of love Leanne


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