Sunday, March 9, 2014

Well, hello!

Oh dear, it's hard to face the world when you've been gone so long......

It's funny, when you blog regularly, you blog a lot, and often effortlessly and the reverse is true too, when you blog less, or not at all the harder it is to do. just didn't seem to make sense any more.  I loved it when I was blogging before, but computer issues.......a virus then being trojaned twice, despite internet security...left me with no computer for a while as it was off being fixed each time. Then there was Christmas and other stuff, I even forget what now, but it just got harder to work out how to start again. 
I thought about it... a lot.  I wrote posts in my head, took photos, then would wonder what's the point?  Do I really want to?  Will anyone read it?  Did it matter? But then, each time I commented on someone else's blog I thought 'oh they might follow the link to mine and there's nothing current and relevant to see'.  As well as reading and commenting on some new to me blogs, I've been joining in....... a few swaps on sewing/quilting  blogs,  a "garden-along' with a few others as we start our autumn sowing and I've shared across the ocean as I offered to knit a block for a woolly Masterpiece being put together in Wales.  I realised then it does matter, I was missing out, I was making connections around the world, building meaningful albeit virtual relationships, but it was one sided, a one-way street without an up to date blog for others to visit me in turn and comment, add useful information and opinions or just 'like'.  And for me to show what I'm doing.
I realised I missed that sense of community and connection, so I'll be back soon......I hope you will be too.

stretching, getting ready to re-emerge


  1. Really nice to see you posting again.

  2. Hello Terry, really nice to see you here, thanks for the welcome. I wondered if any of my "old" readers would notice. I thought I might be here on my lonesome until people found me.

  3. Hello Jeni....yes, here I am, nice to see you here too....come again.


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