Monday, March 10, 2014

A chicken and a dog - a look back

This is my little bantam Goodie, who sadly is no longer with us.  She began to stop eating, not get up, and I'd carry her from the henhouse to the back deck, where she'd spend her nights in a dog crate, tucked up safely, being fed sloppy warm porridge and milk.  Each morning I expected her to be gone, but no, she'd pop up bright as a button, ready to chat to Mirrhi and be carried back to the pen and spend the day with the other chickens.

In the afternoon, I'd carry her out to sit on the grass while the others free ranged around the garden.  She'd make herself comfortable propped up against Mirrhi and talk away quietly to her, while Mirrhi sat as still as possible and ate her bone, stopping every now and then to give Goodie's face  a good swipe with her tongue. 
Left to right, Brenna, Betty and Juno.....hoping for tidbits from that bone, or a chance to dash in and steal it.

Goodie would bounce back and be her old self after a few days of intensive care, but then the time came to decide it was kinder to let her go, so it was off to the vet for a little help.  Goodie was around 9 years old, and was my very first chicken, so it was sad to say goodbye to her.  She had a good life I think, and despite her tiny size, was always the boss of the hen house. Mirrhi still checks in all Goodie's favourite spots in the garden, perhaps hoping to find her little feathery friend.
and give her a big wet tongue kiss.
Mirrhi, nearly grown up now at 18 months and so pretty
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  1. he is a beautiful dog and how sweet he was with his old chook.. sometimes it is best to let them go but it is always say, however if we weren't sad we would not be the people we are.. have a lovely day.. c

  2. It is so nice to see you back blogging

  3. 9yrs is a good innings for a chook Nanette. Mirrhi is a beautiful looking dog - you can see the kindness in her face!

  4. Lovely pictures of Mirrhi and the chookies - so sweet to see her enjoying her bone with Goodie resting beside her. 9 years is a good innings for a chook. Joy

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for visiting. Mirrhi enjoyed all the nice things you said about her.


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