Saturday, March 29, 2014

all that rain

Mirrhi was excited to find "her" park was a lake when we headed out for our walk yesterday morning.  Constant heavy rain for nearly 24 hours had resulted in some localised flooding and the river breaking it's banks.  This park across the road from my house is usually a grassy play area for the school on the corner and local dogs.....the fence encloses the playground equipment.
 North towards the bridge and 'Hospital Hill'......we usually walk under that bridge to a park on the other side....not this time, we'd have needed a boat!

Looking towards town across the river.....people come and fish at that gap in the reeds

I took these photos late in the afternoon when the water had already gone down a bit, it was still raining too heavily when we walked in the morning to take photos.  The reeds in the centre of the above photo mark the river's edge and stand about 2-2and half metres tall.  We usually walk along there, but stayed on the top of the levee bank yesterday.  Once the rain stopped the sun came out and the afternoon was hot and steamy.
 Looking west to Mt Warning and houses on the opposite side of the river
 Ibis flying home at sunset
 The road home....underwater, too deep to wade through
 Early morning today....most of the water has drained away and everything was quiet and spooky- looking with fog.  Birds come in from all over and enjoy the feast of insects and worms, frogs and whatever else lives in the mud.  One year when it flooded we had hundreds of pelicans swimming gracefully along the park, enjoying all the bounty.  The noise last night was deafening as the frogs...those not eaten.....came out to play.

The sun's out now and I have a muddy chook run to muck out!

Whatever your weather, enjoy your weekend..........


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  3. That certainly is a lot of rain but I am glad that somebody was able to enjoy it! Hope your home did not suffer any damage.

  4. Love the early morning mist and tree....very beautiful and makes me think of the Mists of Avalon......

  5. Flooding or no you live in a remarkably beautiful area. Does your flooding happen every year?

  6. Ye, it can do, sometimes a couple of times a year, but often more inconvenient than anything. But the one we had last year was huge with devastating consequences for the whole town. I blogged about it here. and there's another post further along that I can't find. The area is so beautiful, but the town's built on a flood plain and the river has quite a sting in it's tail.


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