Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A little orphan bird and some stitching

little watchful face.....he gets frightened and scrambles away up high if I get too close...
(taken with a zoom then cropped )
catching some early morning sunshine
little bird fell from way up in this poincianna tree
sheltering from a sudden and heavy downpour

 This little fellow, a fledgling rainbow lorikeet fell from the poincianna tree literally at my feet on the footpath about a week ago. After a chat to WIRES (wildlife rescue service) a friend and I attempted to get him to stay in various trees, as his parents flew frantically around. Too young to fly, he kept falling out and would waddle around my front yard, worrying me that he would come to a sticky end. He eventually settled on the one he's in now, and seems quite ok.  I watched him yesterday fanning his little wings at the very top, strengthening, practising for flying.  Unfortunately his movements drew the attention of other bigger wild birds, and he quickly retreated where they couldn't reach and attack him.  I'm relieved and pleased he's survived this long, although I see adult lorikeets flying around, I'm not sure if they're his parents and if they're feeding him, but he seems to be doing ok. I hear him calling at dusk, but can't bear to watch and see whether his calls go unanswered! I'm worried the next stage is going to be hard for him, as he starts to fly he's at risk from other birds, but I can only watch and not interfere, if he's going to survive he has to do it on his own and he's managed so far. 

early morning autumn rain.......
 and afternoon autumn sunshine, still warm but it's lost the fierceness of  summer
 red lentils, cooked, pack and ready for the freezer.....just add fresh vegetables and rice and a quick delicious meal

this little scrap eco-dyed with tibouchina flowers
 I've been enjoying some slow stitching, working on these prayer flags.  Individual little flutters of cloth and stitch with encouraging words to be sent off on a breeze, a sigh, a thought. Just made with scraps of recycled fabric gifted from friends, pieces from old doilies and lace and bits of op shop (thrift store) finds and some of my eco-dyed fabrics.


Enjoy your day.


  1. Nanette! I'm so happy you're back -- Mirrhi's a big girl now. A lovely tribute to Goodie, loved the photos with them together.

    I really like your prayer flags, soothing to look at and I'm sure, also, to stitch on. Really lovely. And I sure hope the bird is doing okay. Yes, hard to watch but good to have hope. xo

  2. Hello Peggy, so happy you visited. Yes, those little flags are very soothing to stitch on, I'm enjoying them a lot. Little bird is good, I'll do an update on him in my next post.


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