Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's that dog looking at

We have some regular night-time visitors, and as soon as Mirrhi heads outside, she looks for them, and is instantly riveted when one is spotted.  She knows all their hiding places and gently sniffs around, under and on until she suddenly goes on alert and points her big snout in the visitor's direction. ( The odd yellow cast to the pictures is from the yellow fluorescent light which is meant to keep insects and bugs away.)
Oh look! I think I've spotted one.

Yes, there it is, on the shoe cupboard.........a big green frog!
A quiet reminder to "be gentle" and she hunkers down very slowly and carefully.  Frog stays still while she edges closer.....

.... and closer

Mmmm, love this froggy 

Oh bliss - touching.....but still ever so gentle

Ok dog, you've had your fun, time to leave, places to go, bugs to eat.

Oh, no, please come back out, don't go.
 There's actually about four or five frogs that gather nightly for supper under the outdoor lights, and sing very loudly in the downpipes when it rains.  They're very welcome visitors to my garden, and a sign that it's a very healthy space.

Til next time..............


  1. Such a gentle girl. I love the sound of frogs at night - so dry here we rarely hear them.

  2. When we get heavy rain the low ground across in the park fills up and the noise from hundreds of frogs making whoopie is deafening! Hope you get some rain soon.

  3. what a treasure she is!
    My daft dog would probably run a mile although my younger,
    hooligan cat would likely worry and chase the poor beautiful creature

  4. So funny, our animals' varied reactions to other creatures. My youngest cat would chase and catch it too if she could, naughty cats.

  5. these are such tender photographs...
    what RESTRAINT!...beautiful she can do that and to finally
    be able to touch....her reward. Thank you for these.....i will
    dream your frog songs

  6. She's a gentle soul, a joy. You'll be ribbiting in your sleep Grace :)


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