Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Day

hee hee hee got a bit ahead of myself yesterday, post title should be new year's it's new year's day!

Hello there...........

The day's already dawned hot and humid. the temp was 29 C overnight and is now 30C  and is set to climb to the mid/high 30s C.  I've been up since 5am and have done the laundry, walked the dog, tidied the house, cooked ratatouille/pasta sauce, veggies for the dog, pumpkin and seeds for the chooks and started a dish to take out to lunch tomorrow.  Phew!

Brenna eyeing something tasty
Speaking of pumpkins, I have this maurauding beast that's taking over the garden. it's a volunteer and doing really well and it's even growing baby pumpkins but it's smothering everything else.  And it's in my flower bed, not the veggie garden......not that you can tell that there's any flowers there any more!  My dilemma is do I leave it or pull it out? I hate to remove anything that's growing and thriving but it's sending out sticky fingers to grab more of my garden for itself.  It has a lot of flowers, and I'm wondering just how many pumpkins I can eat or give away.  It probably doesn't help that I don't like pumpkin soup, or that could be a good solution. I think it might have to go, what do you think?
pumkins forming
Now these tendrils can climb and spread, I don't mind, they're on my cucumber plants.......with a companion spider.
Hmm, maybe one plant would've been enough?
I've been getting into the garden in the cool early morning, or late evening......good old daylight savings! and doing some tidying and rearranging in the veggie patch.  This messy spot was full of radishes, collards, silver beet and calendulas, a few weeds too.  All gone now, and will be replaced by some trees, not sure what yet apart from a pomegranate and maybe a pawpaw.   I want plants that will grow tall enough to give some privacy from next door, and to shade the side of the house from the vicious afternoon sun.
Looks like this now, I left the parsley there.  still some weeds to be dug up.....sigh!
And I added this raised bed to the other side of the patch,  for beans, capsicums and some lettuce, or bok choy. The beans will grow tall enough to shade the lettuce.  Collards in the background, left there for the chooks, this bed will eventually go too, and be replaced by fruit trees.  Spring onions in a styrofoam box to the left. I planted these 2 years ago, and they just keep producing for me, even when I neglect them.
Just one more game, pleease.
 I was given this sweet potato plant, so popped it in a tub on the side path.  It provides some green and a splash of colour in an otherwise hot and boring area. won't take over the garden!
Molly in a contemplative mood, using the kitchen floor as camouflage 
 I'm off to the Farmer's Market now, want to come too?  Oh good, I'll take my camera with me and you can see the sights tomorrow next post.

I'll leave you with new year wishes.....have fun whatever you do tonight, stay safe and don't worry about making resolutions, just decide to have more of everything.

 til next time..........


  1. Happy New Year to you too, Nanette!

  2. Oh I love Mollys crossed paws bless her!!
    You can grow something you do want and like, so I would feel no hesitation in uprooting the volunteer pumpkin lol besides it will provide compost for the garden - whats not to like about that!
    Happy New Year to you and yours : )

    1. Pumpkin has already gone Lyn! Seeing the photos made me realise how invasive it was. Now my flowers will have a chance. Molly looks like she's meditating, she's probably just wishing I'd hurry up and feed her and not waste time taking pictures. Hope your new year is wonderful.

  3. Love the pet photos! Lina, (one of my cats that has crossed the Rainbow bridge) used to sit with her front paws crossed too! lol. I would love to have a pumpkin vine that was doing so well...the dreaded mildew gets mine (and the choko, cucumber and zucchini) every time, despite spraying with a milk solution.


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