Monday, September 19, 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

...but not rose red..........

which is the colour for September.  Although I do try to pop in to RSC to keep up with the colour of the month, and to have a browse around to see what others are making, I haven't joined in since January! when I made blue blocks.

So I made progress on the wonky stars and house I showed in my last post, and here's the final star block ...turqoise/teal

and the completed house block with borders added to bring it up to size.  I had thought I might add some embellishments or embroidered words, but decided at the end that a button door knob would be enough.

I forgot to say in my last post that this block is paper pieced, and I have Bonnie at fishsticksdesigns to thank for the pattern, although her tutorial is for freezer paper  piecing, whereas I just did the stitch and flip method.

So here's all the wonky stars laid out with the house block.  Now to get to and put it all together!  I'm hoping to give it to my friend before she heads off to the country to visit her mum and dad next week, but as I have a deadline on a couple of small charity baby quilts to finish as well, it might end up being a welcome back quilt for her.


And because I started these blocks as part of the rainbow scrap challenge.....even though so long ago.....I'm linking to  Angela for a late ScrapHappy Saturday.

till next time......


  1. How lovely that you're back on a regular basis! It's a great quilt for your friend, whether you say hello or goodbye with it.
    Will you be around in early December? We'll be passing through and would love to catch up.

  2. I love this! I'm sure your friend won't mind waiting longer ...... :-)

    1. She doesn't know Pauline, so it'll be a surprise whenever she gets it. It's more me setting a deadline for myself, so I don't end up with another UFO!

  3. Well, let's not get carried away Kate...2 posts in a few days doesn't make me regular yet lol No plans at the moment for early December, it'll be lovely to see you both.

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