Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Fennel Jungle

........and other surprises.... as I take you on a walk through my garden

Although I had access to this house and yard prior to settlement, I really just spent time up on the riverbank, or watering and harvesting the vegetables the Executor of the property had kindly planted for me.

So it's been wonderful to discover pretty things popping up in the garden, this, my first spring  here. These orchids were a huge surprise, I knew there was a lot of greenery in the trees, but had no idea it was all going to burst into bloom, almost overnight. The plant circles the whole tree and is up high in the canopy as well.
Dendrobium orchid in a bottle brush tree

A close-up of that beautiful flower

Masses of rich red hippeastrums everywhere

Citrus trees full of blossoms, and an overpowering perfume, setting fruit for next year
A dozen or more heirloom roses, just starting to flower - the perfume is a delight

And my additions to the garden......


Poppies and cosmos

Pansies tucked in amongst rocket and coriander
Lola - hiding in the "jungle"
Stocks. - the lovely spicey smells wafts up to the veradah at night
More violas amongst the lettuce
 And that fennel jungle, here it is......taking over my vegetable patch.

 All mixed up with the Queen Anne's Lace I planted.  The fennel is self sown, and with the compost I added to the soil, some good rain a few weeks ago, plus hot sunny days, it's sprouted uninvited but is thriving.  It's pretty with it's feathery flowers and subtle, spicy  perfume, and I'll leave it now until it dies off, but I'll be keeping an eye on it next year and removing any plants I don't want.  Buried somewhere under those golden fronds are my silver beet, bok choi and more lettuce!

Just because she's so pretty !

To finish, the view from my new lounge room window,  looking across the river towards Mt Warning. I took this late in the afternoon, just before the sun disappeared behind the rim, from my sofa,  it's a calming and peaceful vista, and the perfect place to sit and relax with a cuppa. I cropped this a little, as the closer view including the yard was already dark, but from inside during the day I see a constant parade of birds, water dragons creeping out to sun themselves, and families of ducks wandering along the riverbank....lovely!

that's it, till next time.....


  1. All your flowers look so pretty, Nanette. I have a jungle of Queen Anne's Lace with flowerheads just forming. I can't wait for them to bloom. Meg

    1. I agree Meg, love the fennel flowers too. Will you post pics of your QAL jungle?

  2. What a beautiful location Nanette... the gardens are so lovely & thriving... and all those orchids, woo hoo!

  3. It all looks and sounds idyllic, Nanette! Love the photo of your beautiful dog...what a sweetie 😊

    1. It is idyllic Maria..until I have to mow the lawn! Then it just looks like hard work :) But worth it.

  4. I'm not sure where my first comment disappeared to Nanette, but I wanted to say your new environment looks absolutely wonderful. And I wish you many happy hours on your sofa admiring that view and making little patches and out in that fabulous garden. Happy Days!! xo

    1. Thankyou for those lovely wishes Pauline, I'm enjoying...revelling in it!...so much already.

  5. What a glorious burst of spring colour! Lovely, lovely garden, a beautiful view and sweet Mirrhi, wanting to play. Sadly, we won't be able to see it in December, we've been told John can't have the time off he wanted :-(

    1. Sweet Mirrhi is always ready to play :) oh sad about December :( I've been doing the thing in my head about " when Kate comes etc" Any idea when he will be able to get time off, not end of Jan/Feb I hope, I'm off to India then!

    2. We're hoping to get down some time soon, but one definite date is mid-late October next year, when we'll be in Wooli, near Grafton, for the annual motorbike rally. We're planning to make a long visit, and perhaps even venture down as far as Victoria, but will certainly make time to drop in as part of that trip.

    3. It's good you can plan ahead for your rally, and a nice trip further south. See you when I see you :)


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