Sunday, July 23, 2017

Days away and back again

The 4 days away in Caloundra were wonderful. What a busy town, and such a lot going on,   particularly on a Sunday, when the main street was blocked off, and a great variety market stalls were set up, mainly food and arts and crafts, and all manner of interesting passers-by.

We were staying quite close to the beach, so escaped there as much as we could, either enjoying the boardwalk, the rocks and the sand, or having a coffee close by at one of the little cafes and eateries off the boardwalk.  We watched people braver than us swimming and fishing......although the weather was quite warm, the water was freezing. I ventured in just once, paddling my feet, and that was quite enough.

Away from the beach,  we found this pretty garden area to wander through on our way to the art gallery, which had already closed and we missed visiting by about 5 minutes.  It was worth the walk though, with it's sculptures with coloured lights embedded, and the tactile old tree trunks.  We spent ages looking at this amazing wall mural, with it's many interesting and intriguing details. 

There were cloudy sulky sunrises, not like the ones I'm used to, where the sun rises up from the rim, hot and fiery and ready to go.

and then the vibrant glow as the clouds cleared a little and the taller buildings across the way were painted gold

This balcony looking out to sea was a favourite place to sit and drink tea, and while there, I managed to cast on and knit about three quarters of a premmie beanie.

The sunsets were worth watching too.......clouds away to the south, choofing along towards The Glasshouse Mountains..........

and a fiery glow to the west

We had a few stops on the way back.......Woodford for breakfast, Somerset Dam for lunch...where we'd planned to have lunch on the way there, but as we got lost coming out of Ipswich  there was no time to stop.  

This is Peak Crossing, between Ipswich and Beaudesert, where we had afternoon tea.  This dry countryside was such a contrast to our vibrant and green sub-tropics.

 And that's it, home again........and no prizes for guessing what I've been doing since I came home!

We have a neighbourhood picnic today, one of the initiatives that has sprung up following the flood.  There was such a strong sense of community then, with people helping out in any way they could, with cleaning up, making meals and donating freely to those who'd lost everything, that many have been keen to keep that spirit going and get to know our neighbours better.  I burnt the eggs I was boiling to make sandwiches to share for lunch while I was writing this, so I'd better get away and organise something else.

......till next time.


  1. Nanette I missed seeing any nice sunrises and sunsets. When we are usually there in November the sunsets are stunning. We did see a couple of dolphins swimming up the passage on a couple of days. On the fine days the water was such a beautiful colour. I am glad you enjoyed your break.

    1. We looked all the time for dolphins, but didn't see any. It was lovely to get away from all the sadness and loss of the last few months too.

  2. Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good time – it certainly sounds as if you kept yourself busy :-)

    1. Thankyou! I was surprised at how much we did when I started to write about it, especially when two of those days was travelling.

  3. It sounds like a lovely vacation. I love the photos of beaches and mountains.
    Did you try Tibetan momos? A Nepali friend taught me how to make momos with ground turkey and cabbage. I wonder Tibetan ones are the same.

  4. Hi Nil, I had 2 servings of momos!! They're so nice, these ones were all vegetable, and had cabbage and carrot, lots of ginger and greens in them, and a choice of steamed or deep fried....I prefer steamed.


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