Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Birthday gift

Our .....Mirrhi's and mine......favourite small neighbour is having a birthday....he'll be 3.  So I bought him this lovely simple picture book "The Tomten and the Fox" Here's a description of a tomten, if you've not heard of them..... In Swedish tales a tomten  belongs to the family of elves and other little “brownies” and is a good natured being who usually helps farm people . A friendly “tomte” meant a lot to the farmer and his family, he saw to it that the animals were well, he made sure the servants awakened in the early morning hours. These and many other good deeds and fortunes were the work of the “tomten and he was given a bowl of porridge every night”   

In this story, when a very hungry fox wanders into the farm looking for his dinner,  the Tomten finds a way to keep the farm animals safe and feed the fox at the same time.

So Parkes can play as he reads, I made a little felt fox......

Mr Fox has his eye on the hen house

And here's the Tomten who watches  over the farm animals .... he tells the fox 'no eating the chickens'

and generously shares his bowl of porridge with the fox.

Fox is about  (5") long and stands about 9cm (3.5") high, and the Tomten  is 13cm (5") tall, not counting his hat.  Both the fox and Tomten's clothes are made from lovely, buttery soft wool felt. 

They're all packed up in a cloth bag and we're ready for cake and fun later today. (No cake for Mirrhi, she'll just have fun running around and playing ball with Parkes!)


  1. Nanette, fox and Tomten are absolutely beautiful and cute. Lucky Parkes!
    Hope you all have fun at the birthday party.

  2. Thanks Nil....I had such fun making them, and can't wait to see Parke's face.

  3. Well you must know I'd adore these little characters!
    A smashing idea and gift, am sure they will be treasured. Lovey to have them in a bag too - a mini storysack all of his own!

    1. Yes, just your sort of thing Lyn. He loved it all, and after I read him the story, he went around sternly telling everyone 'no eating the chickens'.....so worthwhile to make something like that for a little one and his mum was thrilled too.

  4. What a completely wonderful gift. Not just the story, but the 'people' of the story so he can play it out for himself. They are so lovely, and it's so clever and imaginative. Wish I'd had a Nanette around when I was a little one. I can think of all kinds of books where I'd have loved to have the characters to play with :-)

  5. Thanks Kate, I had a lovely little play with them before I gave them away. Aww, I'd be happy to make you some little play-fellows any time, just tell me your favourite story :)

  6. Oh, my favourite character as a small child was Alison Uttley's Little Grey Rabbit, as illustrated by Margaret Tempest. My nieces and nephews now have the books, ready for their own children. Mind you, Jemima Puddleduck came a close second!

  7. Lovely favourites. I was rather fond of Jemima Puddleduck too and made my daughter a big one she could sit on when she was little, I loved her clothing and that big bonnet.

  8. Wow Nanette, this is such a beautiful and unique gift. I'm sure it was thoroughly appreciated - I know my girls would love something like this so you've given me a great idea to make giving a book a little special.

  9. Hi Laura, Parkes loves his little felt friends and carries them around in his pockets all the time. Look forward to seeing what you make.


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