Friday, October 21, 2011

On my mind - knitting and stitching

Joining in with Rhonda Jean at Down to Earth today and her weekly feature of 'what's on my mind '.  After a very busy week of being out and about  every day, on my mind today  is relaxing in the garden and working on making brown skinned dolls and knitting beanies in Aboriginal colours to donate to The Footpath Library 
I hope your day is relaxing too, where ever you are.


  1. i'm pleased to meet your brown skinned dolls, you've spoken about them before and now i see them, charming little ladies.
    I also made some black, red and yellow beanies, for Qld, post floods. Good to do.

  2. The charming little ladies...and gents thank you. They look a little more like boys now, are plump and handsome.

  3. sorry, and gents too.... do they have little legs?

  4. just little stumpy legs. I'll post a full lenght pic when they're finished.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished dollies.
    Nice photo of the basket.


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