Sunday, October 23, 2011

a trip to the big smoke

A friend and I headed off early yesterday for the hour + drive to Brisbane for the Craft and Quilt Fair.  Nothing exciting purchased, just a new ergonomic rotary cutter, I'm hoping it will help with the rsi in my elbow from having to fiercely drive my 10 year old one.
After a poke through the stalls all wanting to convince us we must have their fabric, kits, patterns, beads or can't do without the latest product, we took ages to browse the inspiring displays and exhibitions of quilts on show.

These ones from the challenge to depict The Seven Deadly Sins caught my eye.  There were quite a few that showed Adam, Eve, serpents, and others with cakes, chocolates and sumptuous food to interpret themes of gluttony and lust.  I liked the ones that were less literal in their interpretation.

 Beautiful art quilts in the 'Essence of Australia' challenge.
 A section of indigo art favourite of all those there I think
 This beautiful quilt was on display on the Bernina stand, made by Kaye Haerland who also won Best of Australia for much detail in her quilts. See the tiny mouse peeking out of the flower!

 This small art quilt was made by my friend Lajla, entered in the "Found Objects" challenge.  She used feathers she'd found while walking at the beach.
and I really liked this one too, also made for the 'Found Objects' challenge, she has used her found objects as dye resists...very clever and I love the colours.

I'll leave you with this cheeky fellow who turned up amongst the quilts with a warning.......


  1. Thankyou for showing us so much of the display, i'm with you - i loved the feather one and the indigo quilts.
    And what a naughty boy, did one have to lift up the kilt to see the notice or was it already lifted? what a cheek to assume one would do that! chuckling here.

  2. One did have to lift the kilt...I was that one ...yes,shame...but my friend kindly held it up so I could get a good photo!

    Lajla will be pleased her feathers have had a positive response.

  3. Hi Nanette,
    Thanks so much for sharing those photos....I couldn't make it up there....great shots.
    I really love your profile is really cool.
    Glad you found me so that I could find you....I am a follower now xox Jo

  4. he he loved the little fella....
    I'd of peeked too BLUSh

    Love Leanne

  5. Hello Jo
    Thanks for visiting, I'll be along to your shop one of these days. Glad you enjoyed a glimpse of the quilt show.

  6. Hi Leanne I don't think anyone could resist a peek *giggle*

  7. good to see the PIF handmade sign. did you know you can drag it up and down that gadget column, place it anywhere. also try looking for other gadgets, they can be fun decorator items.

  8. oh yes, lots more to be done, I could waste much of my day playing blogs. thanks for your help getting the sign there.

  9. So much to looka t when you visit a quilt show. Thanks for showing the found objects quilts I liked them both.


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