Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pass it Forward - Handmade

When Kaite asked for volunteers for Pass it Forward- Handmade, I quickly put my hand up.  The idea is that once Kaite had her pif partners she had to make a gift for each of us, and in turn, we will Pass It Forward too. Well, my gift has arrived!

........prettily wrapped in pink, with a cheeky card...

and look, the most gorgeous little basket, knitted from fabric strips.......... 

a look inside

see the pretty beaded embellishment....

Then I popped it on the bed to answer the phone and turned round to see this......

my baby checking it out........

must be something in here for me?

She didn't hurt it, just sniffed and looked and loved it up a bit, tried to get her head in there.....perhaps she could smell your little dog, Kaite? 

Thankyou so much Kaite, I love it.  You couldn't have chosen a better gift to make.....I love baskets, but I also love tiny things....this is tiny.....fits in the palm of my hand, is about 10cm across (3and a half inches)  7cms high, and the colour is perfect too, these berry shades are my favourites, it feels lovely, soft and tactile.  Kaite did ask about our preference for something personal or for our studio/sewing room and fave colours etc. and went from there.   See the other gorgeous gifts Kaite made here

Now it's my turn to fulfill my promise to pass it forward (PIF).  I'll send a gift to three people who comment here and agree to play, and who also promise, when the time comes, to pass it forward to 3 more people after you receive your gift from me. Those 3 will send on to 3 more, and on and away it will flow. All being well, I would hope to have your gift to you in 3-4 months.

It was lots of fun getting to know Kaite, and I feel I've made a new friend,  then there was the anticipation of knowing a gift was being handcrafted just for me and the teases on her blog.

Come on, come play too.


  1. Oh that's so funny see ing your cat with her head in the basket, it must have been the sardines i put in their while i was knitting it! cats are funny like that, always have to check out tiny corners.

    glad you like it so much but don't wear it out by loving it too much. i love baskets also and i find it fun to try different ways to make them.

  2. She...Neesa... did try to get all of herself in there, but she was moving about so much and quickly I couldn't get a good photo. She tried feet and head, and then sat on it, then decided she'd just put her face in. Watching her was almost as much fun as receiving it.

    if I wear it out you'll just have to make me another *grin*

  3. Neesa is a funny girl, maybe i should make a cat sized one for her too.

  4. about 30cms long, 20 tall, and smaller when she curls up tight...maybe make it a little bigger, as she's not fully grown yet.

    thanks Kaite, sweet of you to offer!

  5. Neesa looks like she really wants to fit in it. cat are too funny and nosey aye!
    Love Leanne

  6. Hi Leanne..nice to see you here.


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