Saturday, November 12, 2011

Learning...the hard way

Note to self:   don't get impatient and hit the refresh button while waititng for a photo to load and after having written most of a long post....all my hard work gone.

I'll leave you with a pic of how Mt Warning looks tonight, wreathed in cloud as a storm rolls in. I'll redo the other post later when I'm not feeling so cranky with myself.

Stay tuned............


  1. it's warning you to stay calm, happened to all of us at some time. keep pressing "save", that's the trick.

  2. Kaite is right it happens to all of us and we all feel the same. I like the picture of Mt Warning.
    Post again when you feel up to it. We're here.

  3. Thanks you two, for not calling me a silly b*****......I certainly felt like one.

    Just get back on the bike, horse, blog..whatever I fell off hey? Will do.


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