Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ticked off and a street fair

Have you seen this ugly fellow? I have, it was buried in a friend's neck!  It's a paralysis tick, and the toxin it released made her very sick....swelling of her face and chest, problems breathing, confusion and wobbly on her feet. Christine lives on a bush block about 20 minutes from town, and the ticks are pretty bad this year.  I began my week with a quick dash to the emergency room to get her checked out, and after a jab of something, and pills to take, it was home to get her to bed for a few days while she recovered. I spent the week going back and forth taking care of her and her animals, and my own until she was on her feet again, so no opportunity or inclination to blog.  These ticks can be deadly to animals, and Christine's already had 3 of hers at the vet's so far for treatment, and is always picking them off herself with no effects....for some reason this one was different.  Thankfully she's ok now, but I've told her I'm not visiting her again until winter.

This part of the post is for Terry- enjoy a trip down memory lane.
After being released from nursing duties yesterday, I headed south west to the little village of Tyalgum, for the Spring Fair. It looked like the whole village was there, with stalls of all descriptions set up on the footpath and in the green spaces....cake and craft, organic produce, face painting, home made ice cream, live music and a petting zoo.  All the shops were open and spruiking - all 4 of them, including the general store, and the only cafe, Flutterbies, were doing a roaring trade.  We were looking forward to having afternoon tea,  but decided to have it at home when we saw we'd have to pay $9.50 just for a slice of cake!  I think to have only one venue for refreshments, apart from the sausage and sangria stall!!! detracted from what was a great opportunity for locals to come together in their community, and entice tourists and locals to visit.  I heard that there are plans to have a seasonal street fair, so I hope the monopoly can be addressed.

and here's a look at the outer lying areas of the village, and the hilly country I travelled through from town.  It's so green and lush, it almost hurts your eyes to look at it.  The weather was changeable all day, the clouds and rain rolled in, then the sun came out and steamed us......always beautiful though in all weathers.

this is the pub!

old farmhouse - not abandoned though.  For sale, for 1.8 million!

 Finally, if you had to "go" what better place than this outdoor loo in the main street with a view across the paddock?

I did manage some stitching during the week, but I'll save that for next time.

Stay tuned...............


  1. oh yuckk, i'd forgotten about those nasty beasts, that's one reason we left Avalon, you'd get a tick there (or 300) just walking down the street to the shops! hell they're nasty critters. I had a dog once tho who was immune, had 30 full sized on him for a week, no problem.

  2. I'm paranoid now, every tickle and itch I'm frantically searching for the beastly things. yuckk is right. Lucky you, not getting them in Bathurst.

  3. Thanks for the trip down the Street. I must say it looks a lot more gentefied. DH just did google map and the post office was up the hill from the Tyalgum store across the street from the tennis courts. Looks all boarded up at the front now. Same but different.

    Glad your friend is better.

  4. The post office is now inside the store Terry, which is up for sale, if you had a hankering to come back and be a shopkeeper.

    Yes, posh shops to relieve tourists of lots of dollars.

    Glad you enjoyed the virtual trip.

  5. Ahh found you! I was sure I had put you on blog feed? I think I've done it right this time.... crazy!

    That tick sounds YUCK - snakes, spiders and ticks... think I'll stay in New Zealand.

    Off to catch up with your blog.

    Love Leanne

  6. I'm ignoring the tick, can't cope with the idea. But a $9.50 cake!!! Sheesh, I thought things were dear here in Noosa, but that takes the biscuit... if you pardon the pun. I'd want gold leaf and the plate to take home at that rate.


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