Thursday, November 17, 2011


............a quilt for a friend, her boy is due any day.

.... a challenge from the textile group I go to.  We were given an organza gift bag and had to make something from it.  We were also given a project to make a frog, so I used the organza bag....I unpicked it, cut it into strips, and wove it into a piece of cloth, with a contrasting shade of organza and a piece of the ribbon as well. No pics of that bit. Lots of tiny hand stitches later and he was ready to be cut out, stitched together and embellished.  Inspiration for cloth weaving and stitching from  Jude Hill .   He's about 12cm (5inches) long, and waiting for his eyes.

and lastly, a sneak peek at some Christmas ornies I made for a swap I joined at the Down to Earth Community Forum .   My partner, Rhonda lives in Sydney.....hello Rhonda, if you visit, I hope these little glimpses don't give too much away.  They'll be posted today.

Off to make this wonderful fellow building my new chook pen a cuppa!


  1. lovely quilt, extraordinary frog and i can't even see where you wove him and teasing little christmas ornies for everyone to guess at. You've been busy.
    i put a link on my sidebar to you and Annette for the PIF project.

  2. Thanks Kaite, all projects fun to make and a nice diversity to keep my interest up.

    I saw the links to our blogs for PIF, thanks for doing that. I'll do another post on it in a couple of days to remind people.

  3. Quilts for new babies are always fun to make and yours looks great.
    Christmas decorations and glorious frog all sparkles.
    Looks like the chooks will have a nice new home under the jacaranda. Nice fresh eggs.

  4. Love the baby quilt!
    I'm in baby quilt mode as we have friends being grandparents soon (such fun) and step niece is also pregnant..
    si "m pinning away on pin interest all the lovely cute baby quilts.

    As you know I love squares in all quilts so love yours!

    Love Leanne


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