Sunday, November 20, 2011

Frogs and art

I meet up once a month with a group of women all interested in various aspects of textile and fibre art.....The Gold Coast Wild Women Ceative Textile Group....and we met yesterday and the big event of the day was checking out each other's frogs from the Frog Challenge. All were much bigger than mine, but he held his own quite well amongst the big boys.   The challenge was well interpreted, with a variety of background fabrics, textures, embellishments and goofy expressions and a couple of toads.

This felted fellow had a tongue stud.....think he might be a cannibal though?

A couple of months back we did a weekend workshop with Carol Wilkes,  who teaches free motion embroidery and textile art.  A couple of our ladies brought some pieces they'd made since the workshop, and one focused on making the cords we'd been taught.  She'd made a large decorative piece, as well as some smaller  pieces, which she uses as jewellery or clothing decorations.

This was about 40cms long (15") and about 30 com (12") wide.

Smaller piece attached to a large ring, made into a necklace

These pieces were interpretations of layered fabric and thread work taught at Carol's workshop.  Carol is a vibrant and energetic teacher, and generously shared her skills and knowledge and love of textiles to inspire us to find our own "voice" and individuality.   She teaches one or two techniques that can be altered and interpreted in as many ways as her students can think of.

It's always a fun day, lots to see and learn from show and tell, and plenty of chatter and sharing.  Our next project is to make a Christmas wreath to give as a secret santa swap for our Christmas meeting....can't wait to see what turns up, we have some wild and wacky artists who think way out of the box.


  1. I'd love to do a class with Carol, i've heard so much about her. Your frog is a real Emperor, well done.

  2. Everyone still talks about Carol, and the things she taught.

    and Kaite, forgot to say, your (my) little basket was a great hit..I took it for show and tell. They were all a bit like my kitty, sniffing, fondling, trying to get in it...oh, no, wrong party! I think everyone would be happy if you came up and gave us a class in basket knitting :)

  3. Colorful enticing post. Woke up my muse. Your frog is great!!
    Sounds llike you had a good day.

  4. Hi Terry.....and what is your muse suggesting you create? I was pretty pleased with my wee frog, especially since I knocked over 2 challenges in one go!

  5. Andama, is this your next project...reborn frogs maybe?


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