Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surprises in the mail and a day out

Remember this post about the Down to Earth Community Forums Christmas ornie swap?  well my gift arrived yesterday, and I've received the loveliest decorations, and other little gifts.  Look here....

My swap partner, Rhonda from Sydney, who I also sent to, has made these little hanging ornaments from brown paper, with words of good cheer on them.  What a great idea, so homespun and natural.  They look and feel really good, and make a very satisfying sound when handled.   Rhonda also sent me a great little bag, beautifully made....I love the fabric....and a handmade soap, that smells and feels delicious.  To make it even more special, the parcel was wrapped  in brown paper and string for mailing..  I've been truly spoilt, thank you Rhonda.

Mullumbimby stock images
I had a day out and bought myself some gifts too.  I went to Mullumbimby to visit  Jo's new shop, which she shares with 9 other local artists and crafters, all selling their own locally handmade goodies.  Jo sells natural craft materials, unique hand painted wool, handyed wool felt, and little craft kits.  The shop is a treasure trove of all sorts of wonderful gifts and goodies, and shares the space with a florists, giving the whole area the lovely scent of fresh flowers.  Jo and I first 'met' in blogland, and it was great to meet her in person, she's a lovely warm welcoming presence in the shop.  She has a website 'Indigo Inspirations" where you can see and buy all her wonderful offerings.

I treated myself to this bundle of supersoft, wonderfully bright hand dyed wool felt....I see some yummy creations in my future. I was really pleased to find Jo so close by, I use a lot of wool felt and usually buy it from Melbourne, but supporting local business is something I'm passionate about, so I'm pretty happy I've found a felt dealer in my neighbourhood.

.........and a trip anywhere always means checking out the local op shops, where I found this little vase that looks like a milk churn for 50c....it's perfect for a few flowers in my kitchen...day lilies from the garden, and those fuzzy topped things are garlic scapes, now unfurled from their tight papery covering and gifted to me by a woman at the farmer's market. 

I hope your days have been filled with wonderful gifts.


  1. oh thanks Nanette for your very kind words. It was really nice to meet you too.....the amazing world of blogland gives us lots of pleasure.
    Your goodies from Rhonda are fabulous....what a great thing to be involved in.
    Hope to see you soon ♥Jo

  2. Hello Jo, thanks for visiting, blogland is amazing isn't it?

  3. All those wonderfilled delights but did you get any rain, i specially wrapped it up in the racing form guide and sent it to you!! maybe tomorrow by the forecast, we're over it already.
    oh and i forgot to mention how i laughed about the cake loving chookies, every time i eat a morsel of cake now i think of your girls.
    i love your new little chook vase too, and the felt looks really yumm, wish i could get some here. cheerio, k.

  4. Ah, the racing form guide! I thought that was left by my old neighbour who's always trying to get me out to the racetrack with him. Darn, I used it to wrap the kitty litter offerings in. Still clear blue skies here.

    Jo will mail order felt to you if you're desperate :)

    Chookies don't get much cake, but excellent for bribery.

  5. I bought some of this felt from Jo too. Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to see what you create with it, Nanette! ღ

  6. Hello Hinterland Mama, thanks for stopping by. I have a project in mind, just finishing other things I started first, but yes, beautiful felt, very fondly:)

    What did you make with yours?


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