Monday, February 20, 2012

Break in transmission

We apologise for the break in transmission, which is due to the loss of a connection between camera and computer.  Please enjoy the colours and sights of the beautiful Tweed Valley and chat amongst yourselves while the technical team conducts a house-wide search.


  1. you nearly had me fooled, i thought you must have found your lead, but great views of your area tho.

    now i have to try the annoying challenge of getting two weird words correct, if you're listening Mr Google can we go back to normal please.

  2. We'd have to get up very early to fool you Kaite *grin*

    Fourth pic down, with the first sun shining on the water tank?...that's where the blot on the landscape is,I have just the tiniest bit of that view to the right now.

    See what you mean about the words ..awful!

  3. Yea I got in - must of been the faeries up to no good!

    Lovely snaps & sky

    Love Leanne

  4. Nanette -- ha! Hope the technical team is successful -- these are beautiful photos!

    I think I have an easy test to prove I'm not a robot and might pass on the first try.


  5. No success yet Peggy. the words are awful, you were lucky to get an easy robot test.

  6. To die for! Those pictures make my heart melt! Well you've seen how barren and cold it is where I am. What a beautiful part of the planet you live in! yes, as you've heard...tricky words


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