Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back again, sewing and knitting

The technical team did a great job searching high and low for the camera it got into a sewing basket is anyone's guess!

I haven't spent all that time searching, there's been other work of the hands as well. I made a needlefelted fabric postcard for a Stitchinfingers birthday swap, this handsome fellow went to Liz in Kansas who loves fantasy fiction and in particular, dragons. It was a bit of a headache for a while, I just couldn't seem to get him looking right. When I realised his head was too big for his neck, I took to him with the scissors and cut his head down, and re-needled him to a new piece of fabric, and with a fatter neck.  He seems none the worse for the emergency surgery.

These little 'isolette gowns' went off to the Miracle Babies' Foundation, to be worn by tiny premmie babies.

I made this sewing set as a gift for a friend who had bought her first sewing machine, and I thought she'd enjoy having some new tools, and somewhere pretty to keep them. She did!

Inside the basket, with needlebook and pincushion
Pocket in the needlebook to keep ...whatever?
 A baby beanie knitted last night while I watched the first of the new series of Spooks, a British spy show.  It's in Indigenous colours, and will go to Wilcannia, an Aboriginal community out west, when I visit next month. I hope to make a few more before then.

And in the garden, I had a eucalyptus tree trimmed and since it seemed a shame to bin all the clippings, I boiled some up to dye with.  The smell as they cooked was delightful, and the water turned an interesting mustardy yellow. did the fabrics.  I popped in a couple of pieces of wool batting, some linen, and a nice piece of muslin that used to be a sling from when I broke my arm.  Some of the colours are interesting, but I think I a) had too many pieces in the pot for them all to get good coverage and b) I'll overdye some pieces again, maybe adding some rusty nails and a copper tap.

a good start
We've had some odd weather lately...very hot and wet and very hot and dry. What better place to be when you  need a cool dry spot for a nap.........

than in the washing machine of course!

I hope you all find the perfect spot to spend your Sunday.

Edited to add that once again the country is experiencing extremes of weather, and way to the south, as the rain continues to fall and the waters rise, people are waiting nervously in evac centres for word that they can return home, others are returning with trepidation to see what the water has done to their homes, and still others are waiting for that knock on the door from the SES....evacuate now! Some are isolated and inconvenienced by the waters, but are quite safe.  My thoughts are with all of them.


  1. that last pic is so funny, cats find weird places to test out - maybe you have mice in there and didn't realise?

    small beanie is lovely, looks very soft. is that the multicoloured yarn you spoke of?

    the basket is interesting - is it a stitched coil one? will be well appreciated.

    what else - oh yes, little dresses. cute and will be very welcome by Miracle Babies. our group is knitting prem beanies for them.

    And the dragon - a gentle dragon, not very fierce, and maybe, just maybe, looks a little chookie like?

    glad you found the cord eventually.

  2. did you try the egg dyeing yet. i haven't but i will. love that sewing basket you made.

  3. Kaite, that kitty ends up in the strangest places, she often gives me quite a fright when she pops up unexpectedly. Hmm, mice in the washing machine, now there's a thought.

    Beanie is soft, it's Lindcraft Sport, a nice weight for bigger babies/toddlers. I was pleased because there'd been some adverse comments about Lincraft's own brand on the K4C site.

    Basket is just 3 layers, with thick batting in the middle, and quilted fairly heavily, no coils, one a round base, with a rectangular piece made into a tube and attached to the base. Outer is upcycled linen from the thrift shop.

    Your premmie hats will be very welcome at Miracle Babies...I've been hearing about patterns that are open at the top to allow easy for monitoring devices to be attached. let me know if you'd like a link.

    He is a gentle looking dragon...I have a chook that acts like a dragon, so maybe there is a connection.

  4. Hi Deanna, no haven't done the egg dyeing yet, it's still on my list though. The sewing basket turned out well, thanks.

  5. Nice thing about felt it adjusts so easily. I like him/her.
    You have been busy sewing and knitting for the babies.
    The basket and it's goodies are a nice gift. Like the pincushion. Wet or dry felted?

  6. Hi was easy to adjust dragon, just had to needlefelt him back on then cover up new joins with more, it's very forgiving. Pincushion is purchased wool felt,from my felt dealer.... Jo hand dyes it herself....that I cut and stitched, stuffed and embroidered.

  7. i've been thinking about beanies with a centre hole for that reason, might make a couple, thanks.

  8. Hi Nanette, I'm following you now,rather than pop in thru Kaite's. Love your handsome dragon, and your knitted beanies. Do I understand you will be delivering the beanies yourself or am I mistaken? Glad to see you about again, I was concerned that you had been caught up in the floods. =) Anne of Morn. Pen.

  9. Nanette! This post was like a good visit, you've made so many lovelies! The preemie gowns are the length of our paper dollars, oh so small and precious. I love the sewing kit -- did you make up the pattern or use one from on-line by chance? The dragon is fantastic, the detail is amazing. And dyeing and knitting, are you drinking espresso? This was heaven to come visit you! xo
    What eggs are you & Deanna talking about? I've been out of the loop lately.

  10. Hi Peggy, thanks for your lovely comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. I made up the pattern, I've seen lots online, so it was easy to adjust it all to what I wanted. It's funny you think I've been so busy, I must adjust my thinking, because I often feel I haven't done much...perception hey?

    I emailed you about the egg thing, a convoluted story.

  11. Glad you are back with us. My word you have been busy! That dragon is simply amazing! Love your kitty picture.


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