Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you being served ?

I'm shop girl here today at the Tweed Valley Artist's Co-op Gallery, at Tyalgum.  We have a tiny room at the side of the Tyalgum Community Hall, which was built in 1908.

It's a spooky space, I have to cross this hall to the toilets at the back, that's our "backdoor" in the top picture.  The roof creaks and rattles, it smells old and musty and you can almost hear the footsteps, a background murmur of conversations and the friendly clink of tea cups of the many groups who've used this hall down the years, as it would once have been the hub of village life. It still is used regularly for meetings, wedding and funeral services, a theatre group, the local environment action group and our own art cafe.

It's quite a contrast to our cheery gallery, with it's colorful variety of arts and crafts from all over the Tweed.

I think today will be quiet, it's rather wet, but that doesn't always keep visitors away. They come over the Border Ranges from Queensland looking for lunch, or come from the south on the way to somewhere else.  But I have plenty to keep me busy and happy. When I need to stretch my legs, there's this wonderful view to enjoy.

I have my knitting...
 Or I can work on my tiny scrap houses when I've had enough of knitting.  It's a pleasant place to be, with some mellow music playing in the background and the rain falling gently outside.  I can concentrate just on my knitting or sewing, unlike at home, where I'd be aware there's dusting or ironing to be done (not that it necessarily would!).  So it's like a little holiday out of my usual routine.

Aah, there's a step on the stair, and the bell has been rung, it sounds like I have a customer. 



  1. I remember warm rainy days looking across at the tennis courts.
    The shop looks cosy and I hope you enjoyed the day.

  2. it looks like a very pleasant place to spend the day, a bit of this and that and a nice view.

  3. Hi Terry, yes, our front windows look onto the tennis courts. What would you have been doing at the Hall, while you were also gazing across the paddocks?

  4. I do enjoy my day as shop girl Kaite, and it's even nicer when people stop in and chat, tell you where they're from, and what sort of arts or crafts they do.

  5. Nanette, this sounds like a heavenly day. Knitting and stitching in that wonderful place! I love the little houses, love love love. Have a great weekend. xo

  6. Hi Nanette, just linking to your blog. Thank you again for Tuesday!


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