Thursday, February 9, 2012

Full moon beastly goodness

The flood waters have receded, the river didn't break it's banks as predicted, and the clean up is over for those of us in the far north-east corner of NSW.  Towns further west and to the north haven't been so fortunate, with their towns inundated, and now the army going in to help with the clean up.  I have a sense, in a very small measure only, of how they might be feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

It's been good to get back to normal, to see some sunshine..if only for a few days... and do some stitching. I've joined Peggy again, at Woman with Wings to make some full moon art, although I'm a bit late posting it, as the moon has now begun to wane again.  I didn't have much inspiration for my moon art this month, and even the moon didn't help, hiding behind heavy rain clouds.  I started to think about the full moon being in Leo, lions, king of the beasts, and as I was feeling rather beastly myself with a dose of summer flu, it seemed my art was going to portray a rather miserable looking lion-beast. He has a big heart, this Leo, being a heart-centred sign, and at this time encourages us to think with heart and body. I was a little disappointed that my discharge-dyed moon was a little sloppy, but then noticed it looked like a lopsided heart, and I thought, yep, that fits.

While I was up early yesterday morning, I noticed the sky was clear, and so I was able to get this photo of the moon as it slid down the sky on it's way to bed.

In other full moon goodness, delicious fresh organic vegetables found at the Farmer's Market....they've been cooked up into ratatouille.

The smallest beast needed to be reassured and stay close after a trip to the vet for surgery to remove part of an ovary that was left in after she was spayed, causing her to go on heat.  The hormone surges and non stop calling were distressing for all of us, especially the big girls, who weren't too sure about the little one's sudden desire to love them up.

She's doing well, and healing nicely, thankyou.

........and the big beasts, well, they'd just like their tea please.


  1. you've created a flying heart moon, they're not often seen, except around Feb. the girls all look very serious about something, maybe they're thinking they might be next in line for the hot flushes.
    big storm coming here, better switch off, hope you get over that Summer flu soon.

  2. I've been wondering about you & floods!!! Glad you ok. Sad for others too.

    Good on nthe vet finding the ovary! Glad she is healing. We have had an awful time with Cinders op - but vet said he nearly lost her.
    Love Leanne

  3. Stories behind the stitching are always great. So glad you shared.
    The girls are deffinately watching
    Pleased your having some sun. We are having rain down here but not to the extent of up North.

    Happy Day

  4. Nanette, I love your lion-heartedness with the heart moon and your creative spontaneity, too, it's so wonder-full! And your cats are precious. Oh, you make me want a cat again so bad. Would it be fair to bring a cat into a house with two crazy dogs, I wonder...glad to hear the land is recovering and so are you! xo

  5. How sweet your little Leo Moon and that lovely photo...and your poor cat having to have another lot of surgery for that ovary. Hopefully she (and the family) will be much happier now.
    Glad you are out of harms way with the floods up North and finally getting some sunshine.

    Jacky xox

  6. those veges are so appealing to me. and such sweet kitties. love your beast stitching. i still have so many little stitched beasts that need some attention.

  7. Kaite, you're right, it does look like it's flying in the photo, I hadn't noticed.

    Feeling good now thanks, must've been the magic dust!

  8. Hi Leanne, good to see you here. Yes, so pleased about the positive outcome of the surgery. I hope Cinders is on the mend now.

  9. Hello Terry, glad you like my 'behind-the-scenes' stories, I'm good at the bare facts, and usually have to go back and think about adding more, so it's nice to know more is appreciated.

    Seems weather is odd everywhere, still getting rain here,on and off, but nothing like a few weeks ago,thank goodness.

  10. Hi Peggy, thanks for liking my beastly Leo...and suggesting I have 'creative spontaneity', it's a nice description of being stuck and doing whatever comes to mind :)

    I'm sure you could introduce a kitty into your doggy household if you got a kitten, one with a bit of attitude so it could hold it's own, then it would grow up knowing your dogs and how to deal with their craziness.

  11. Hello Jacky, thanks for visiting. It was your beasts on your full moon post that got me thinking along the lines of beasts, king of beasts etc. I had forgotten where I'd seen them until I looked at all the moon-inspired art that Peggy linked to. So thankyou for the inspiration.

  12. Maybe you could do a 'beasts in waiting' post Deanna, so we can all enjoy your beasts?

  13. So happy to hear you didn't get flooded out. Love the shot if the moon, thanks for sharing

  14. Hi Angela, thanks for your visit, and enjoying my moonie stories.


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