Saturday, January 28, 2012

I told George to move the tractor

(Source: My Daily News- canefields Murwillumbah )
The rain just kept falling, and the river kept rising. Wednesday saw us with SES volunteers door knocking to tell us to evacuate, the river was about to burst it's banks.  I can't tell you how that felt, the indecision, feeling pretty sure my house would be ok, but how can you know.  I decided to stay, and the predicted 5m+ river peak didn't happen, but it was a tense time while I watched Bureau of Meteorology updates on the river levels, and how much rain was falling.  I feel for the people who weren't so lucky, who had their homes overrun with dirty river water, and their belongings ruined.  Some of those people haven't been able to return home yet, and I can't imagine how that must feel, to not know what awaits them.

Looking south from the Murwillumbah Bridge, I live just over behind those trees, and up a bit on a rise

Street at the back of my house, the land drops steeply to this low lying area a stone's throw from the river

Looking across the playground -the park across the street 

(Source:My Daily News)
Not everyone was bothered by the flooding, nothing like boogie boarding down the main street, or mud sliding through the rain soaked grass.
(Source: My Daily News)
The rain's stopped for now, and things are nearly back to normal, but more heavy rain is predicted, so we'll wait and see what the coming days bring.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. oh so scary. glad that you are ok. don't know that i would have chosen to stay. a hard decision to make. stay safe this weekend.

  2. thanks Deanna, I think that was the most stressful part, what to do. It worked out ok this time.

  3. Hey Dallas, I should think you'd love the photos, all those not from Daily News are yours...thanks, I should've credited you in the post...sorry.

    We had fun..sort of..being'floodies'for a few days

  4. at last, a post about what you've been going thru all this week, it looks scarier than i had imagined. very tragic for those people who had the dirty water come thru their houses or workplaces.
    thanks for sharing this story, i hope it eases soon.

  5. Glad you and your home are safe and dry(ish ). Everyone not so lucky .

  6. Funny, Kaite, when I posted the pictures I thought it didn't look as bad as it felt at the time...perspectibe eh?

    The weather forecast is saying 'possible showers' for tomorrow, a pretty good option, so fingers crossed.

  7. Ali Honey, thankyou. My home is dry, now the yard and surroundings is a different story. I think we're getting to the end of it now.

    It's true, there are people who haven't fared so well, flood is always so destructive and unpredictable.

  8. Nanette, your photos really show how it is, wow. I hope the next one blows over so you can dry out. And relax...xo

  9. Hi Peggy, the rain seems to have gone for now, and the sun came out today...hurray. It was a bit scary for a while.

  10. Yikes! I had no idea! I hope things are returning to normal soon. Its cliche...but... Keep calm and carry on...or as my family says. Keep 'clam' and carry on. Its good to hear you are safe.

  11. Oh WOW!!!
    I'm behind blog reading and got an awful shock popping into your blog.
    SOOO glad you are ok. Must of been very scray working out to stay or go.

    We need an update - you ok???

    Love Leanne


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