Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forecast is for wet and stitchy

Non stop rain for so many days I've lost count.  Some of us are fed up already, not sure why, all they do is sleep anyway.

I've been stitching these little cq hearts......

Building more houses from scrap....one finished
 one halfway there.....

 and a lovely gift in the mail from Kaite who sent me a little pack of critters to peek from my house windows, the rooster above was part of the gift.  Thanks Kaite *beams*
If the rain doesn't stop soon, we'll all have fish swimming in our windows!

I did get out on the weekend and headed to Currumbin Beach  in Queensland where it wasn't raining (then)  and had a walk and a paddle on the beach

I'm going to have paddle my way to town today to do a food shop, those bored kitties don't take kindly to being told the cupboard's bare.  I live close to the river and with this much rain there'll be flooding in the lower lying areas, one of which is my only way out, so I'm off .  This rain is pretty widespread across most of New South Wales and Queensland, and likely to continue for another week, so if it's wet where you are keep your tail feather's dry, or stay warm or cool, depending on where you are.


  1. wish you could ship some of that rain to texas. i just love your house creations.

  2. Your houses are looking awesome.
    sorry about all the rain - we nice and HOT and sunny here.
    I'll have a look in my statch for some critters to look out your window. I'm sure I have a kiwi! Then that can be your kiwi house smile

    Love Leanne

  3. Deanna, if there was some way to share this rain I would. The houses are great fun to make, for something so tiny, a lot of time goes into deciding which fabric where, and who will be chosen to peek from the window...very addictive.

  4. A kiwi would be wonderful Leanne, thankyou. How are your barns coming along?

  5. Nanette, you definitely have lots to show for being rained in -- love your crazy quilt hearts, perfect in b&w. And the house with that rooster peeking out! The beach. I'm moaning here. Looks like heaven. Lastly, I know you're getting too much rain so I'll make a new moon wish for it to slow down. xo

  6. i've just done a search and you're on the junction of the three arms of the Brunswick River, sheesh! that's ankle wet country, too deep for chameleons.
    hope you made it back ok, take a canoe next time. Love the little houses, and i thought i recognised that rooster face. cwak, cwak!!

  7. We are sweltering here over the last few days..feel sorry for the tennis players!! Your houses are great and how appropriate my bantam roosters were crowing outside the door as I read about your rooster!Stay dry:) Anne of Morn. Pen.

  8. Hi Peggy, you make me sound very industrious..but even tiny stitching takes time. Thanks for the wishes for less rain, I think it's working..for now anyway.

  9. Hey Kaite, I think I'd be more a danger than anything if I headed off in a canoe. Yep, that's your rooster face peeking out, he's very handsome.

  10. Hi Anne of Morn.Pen :) It's hard to realise other places are sweltering hot, I hope you've been able to stay cool.

  11. Hi Dallas, my little village is coming along nicely. What have you been doing to amuse yourself while we're rained in?


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