Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy cretan stitch, Batman it's raining cats and dogs

The rain's hardly let up, and the water keeps creeping across the park.....times like this I can boast I have water views.  The land rises up to my house, and it's high off the ground like the one you can see in the picture, so I'm in no danger.

Today is Take a Stitch Tuesday ( http://www.pintangle.com/), and the stitch this week is cretan stitch.  I've not used this before, I always thought it looked too complicated, so I ignored it as a seam treatment on cq.  But really, it's quite easy to do, and can look very different depending whether you make it close and small, or large and wide.  I've gone somewhere in the middle and added it here to one of my cq hearts, along with some feather stitch, which was last weeks stitch which I didn't get around to doing.  I've just done a basic stitch with both of them, and not taken them any further.

 This feather stitch sampler, however, is a fine example of taking it further. This was featured by Sharon as one of the highlights of week 3.

 Off to check there's no holes in the canoe!!


  1. don't forget to put the bung back into that canoe! that view across the park is scary, do you have a fishing rod?
    i hope you stay safe, tho you've reassured me you will, however i would move anything that's downstairs up onto the verandah upstairs.
    no point in paying for insurance, ha! they don't pay up no matter where the water comes from.

    and onto nicer things, your cretan stitch is looking lovely. i'm probably not going to get a round tuit as i'm right into knitting and pruning this year.

  2. Hi Dallas, thanks. Are you up for a canoe race today on the "park" ?

  3. canoe is bunged, no fishing rod and not sure I'm up to carrying my car up the stairs onto the deck lol thanks for your concern, i'll be fine.

    i was pleased with my cretan stitch, easier than i thought. you could twist your prunings into a cretan stitch shape?

  4. well carry the chookies upstairs anyway. sending you lots of love and safe thoughts.

  5. Hi Nanette,

    Raining/flooding down here too!!!! I too have water views....ready for it to stop now though....keep safe
    xox Jo


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