Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stitching down the Moon

I have been thinking a lot lately about incorporating more practical, creative ritual into my days.  I used to do a lot, but lapsed somewhere along the way, and now feels like the time to start again.  I've decided to join  Peggy, Woman with Wings in creating Full Moon Art.  The idea is to stitch or paint a simple full moon piece each month and link with Peggy and others to share our full moon musings.

I took this photo of the moon soon after she'd risen, just as clouds were beginning to move across, and shortly after, she was hidden and there was just the ghostly glow of her light to be seen.  I got up early this morning hoping to see her setting behind the mountain, but the sky was still covered in grey cloud.

I did a small stitchery of that cheddary yellow moon.....and look, all you fellow TASTER's....fly stich bats crossing the sky!!  This full moon is in it's home sign of Cancer, and is about our ties to home, family, tribe and community and the bonds of love and compassion that connect us to others. To balance all that Cancerian watery emotion that tugs at us, I've given the heart roots to ground these feelings in the practicality that the current sun sign of Capricorn insists on....my own sun sign, with my birthday tomorrow.

I used scraps of my eco dyed fabrics to make this, and whatever embroidery thread my hand pulled from the tin was used to stitch with.

Happy full moon day everyone.


  1. ha. love your fly stitch bats and your picture of the moon.

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  3. Nanette, I love your moon stitching! It holds so very much. I'm sort of surprised that our moons looked so much alike! --that's exactly how it looked here, too, yellow in a lavender/blue sky. That makes me feel really good for some reason! xo

  4. I forgot -- Happy Birthday, dear Capricorn Nanette and I wish you joy and love! xo

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Vireya.

  6. Peggy, pleased you like my moon story. It was rather hard keeping it simple, I had all these ideas and images running around my head. It is strange, but yes, comforting too, to think our moon skies looked similar, although so far away.

    Thanks for the warm birthday wishes, Ihave a feeling it's going to be a very good birthday!

  7. flying fly stitch bats - perfect for a moon in Goat.
    i hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, eat some round yellow Italian icecream.


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